Saturday, March 10, 2012


Meet, Trapper Joe...also known around these parts as baby-TJ, TJ-monkey, monster, or just TJ for short. Growing up, cats made me edgy. I didn't know how to handle them, and thought they all around sucked. Then my parents adopted a cat that my dad found named Lucky. Lucky shifted my world view (as much as a cat can do so) on cats. He was affectionate, comical, and very dog-like the way he followed us around the house. This was the beginning of my slow descent to cat-lady-status.
(above) when I adopted TJ, M and I actually were cat-sitting Lucky, or "Squish" as I call him (you can see why)... so TJ and Lucky got to meet. Lucky wasn't having it,....TJ loved to creep around and pounce on Lucky.

When M and I bought a house in May, I knew I wanted a kitty of my own. Kitty-fever, as M called it, was at all time highs. Don't get me wrong, I still love dogs, but know that I am just not responsible enough or accountable enough right now to have one. I like that I can leave TJ for a weekend and as long as someone stops over Saturday to feed him once, he's entirely self sufficient. I guess that's what crapping in a box will get you, eh?

(above) Baby TJ. Literally. This was his first day home. He was 8 weeks old, and 1.8 lbs. The very definition of a peanut.

So, how did TJ, or "Trapper Joe" get his name? The lady at the humane society told me TJ had been dropped off after-hours in a cardboard box. When the staff found the box, TJ had escaped, and they had to live-trap him to catch him again! This explains why he's such a wiley nut. As if that story wasn't funny enough, I took him to the vet the day we adopted him.. the tech asked, "Do you watch Swamp People?" no.... I said, but my boyfriend LOVES it. She told me one of the character's names was Trapper Joe. That pretty much sealed the deal for M as far as his name went

TJ had a little guy complex, and hated that he couldn't see what was going on in the kitchen. SO he used to scale our legs like trees. His little claws were delicate so it didn't hurt too bad, unless you happened to be wearing shorts. Mer.

(above) He has since taken up residence as sous chef on the counter. You also get a little glimpse at our unfinished kitchen... to the right of the shot is our current countertops, and TJ is laying on our new cabinet additions and temporary countertop. We are hopefully going granite shopping this weekend. Wee!

Don't worry, this is not the last of TJ. (or worry, if you don't like cats). He's got plenty of strange quirks that I hope to document over time. Like his affinity for water (yep, that's right) that causes him to jump into the shower, pace between the curtains, and then dive into the tub as soon as the shower is off.... or the way he arches his back and hops sideways at you when you surprise him in a room. He's a weird little spaz, which is why he fits in so well with our little family :)


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