Wednesday, March 7, 2012

oh hey there.

Long time stalker, first time blogger.
talk about a creepy introduction, no? Well, it's the truth. I did have a travel blog back in 2009 when I studied abroad, but that fizzled out soon after I got home, as is my attention span sometimes. I had every intention of maintaining it and converting it into a lifestyle blog--> flop.

Anyway, I'd be lying if I said my motivation for starting a blog now was solely for myself. That I'd look up in 6 months or a year and exclaim "oh my! I had no idea people would want to read this!" because let's face it, we all have a little narcissim in us somewhere, don't we? The truth is, the "community" is a large part of what drew me blogging finally. I'd like to finally be a part of this online community.

For a long time I agonized over little things: a witty title (HA. real original, Kel), a layout (drunken kindergartener could've done better.. we'll get to that later), topics (law is boring, to 90% of you, let's face it...AND it happens to be a huge part of my life), blah blah blah you get the picture. In truth, I do want a place that I can chronicle my DIY before and afters, the progress of the house that I bought with my boyfriend last summer (a regret that I didn't start this sooner), my cooking successes and failures so that someday maybe I can put it in a mini cookbook for myself or family members.

I very well could never update this again, lord knows that's happened before. But the "itch" to blog has been stronger than ever lately, so I really think this is the right "time" for me to start. Who knows, it should be interesting. :)

SO, bear with me, follow along, or don't. I'll be here. Speaking of which, let's start with some introductions, shall we?


TJ. Cat means business.


Don't let TJ or he fool you, they're not as serious as they look.


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