Friday, March 9, 2012

DIY-day: Topiary Tree

My name is Kelly. I'm a Pinterest addict. I have no idea where on Pinterest I saw this idea, but I knew I wanted a baby tree of my own. I believe the correct term is "topiary tree".. so here's my little how-to!

1) clay pot ($3.99 at Home Depot)
2) dowel ($0.89 at Home Depot)
3) foam ball ($4.99 at JoAnn Fabric)
4.) foam cones ($3.99 at JoAnn Fabric)
5.) moss ($3.99 at JoAnn Fabric)
6.) glue (already had)
7.) paint (already had)

First, I used a serrated knife to cut the tip of the cone off so it would fit in the pot. Like so:

Next, I swirled little patches of glue onto the foam ball, and applied moss, like so:
Repeat glue + moss until the whole ball is covered

(not pictured: I glued the cut foam cone into the bottom of the pot.. which didn't really work- so I wedged moss all around the edges of it to secure it in place, and that worked fine)
I then stuck the dowel in the moss-covered foam ball, and the other end in the foam cone in the pot, and glued some moss on top in the pot to cover the foam.

Last, I used some acrylic paint I had to paint the dowel a brown color.

annnddd ta-da! the finished project :)
This is not his permanent home, I actually plan on getting an entryway table at some point, which the "Home is where the heart is" (another DIY!) sign will hang above. I'll snap a picture of the finished ensemble once I get around to buying the table.

Random: I'm sure I could've got the pot for less at JoAnn, I saw them there, but I had happened to be at Home Depot the day before JoAnn and snapped it up.


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