Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Movin on up

Yet another sad excuse I made for not blogging previously was the computer/camera debaucle. I've been using M's computer for months because the fan on my old HP was so shamefully loud, people in class in the row ahead of me would actually turn around to stare. Well, as much as I lurrvveee M's Macbook Pro, it has no SD slot for my camera, and I've long since misplaced my camera cord. SO uploading my photos with my manual camera was always an adventure. To cap it off, I did not own a smart phone. I loved my little LG "dumb phone"... until a few days ago when she stopped charging. 3-years old, I figured it was a matter of time. SO I dragged M into verizon and long evening short, I got a smart phone! With the blogger app, I can now snap pics to save to a post that I can finish writing on the computer. GENIUS.

Here's a view from my office in downtown, just because I can. :-)

Feels pretty good to finally join 2012!


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