Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The addiction continues.

This past Monday I got done with class early around 12 and was feeling ambitious. In addition to finally dropping my suit off at the dry cleaner (I think I'm ready for my AARP card!), getting groceries, and fixing the 4G on my new phone at Verizon... I got the crafting bug. I stopped by Target with the intention to get a cool looking clock for the kitchen and that's when I saw it, "buy one get one 50% off mix and match home sale"...and it was all downhill from there. I had been wanting a shelving unit of some sort for above the toilet for a while now, and then I saw this beaut for $16.99 at Target and couldn't pass it up. It has an oil rubbed bronze finish, which is the same as the rest of the hardware in the bathroom. I love that it frees up the back of the toilet (where the candles, air freshener, and vase of shells) were previously housed.

Since we moved in, I knew I wanted a "clock, chalkboard, wine rack" collage of sorts on the big open kitchen wall. It's really the only wall in the kitchen with nothing on it. The other 3 are covered with cabinets and appliances. So, I took advantage of the 50% off deal and got the clock pictured. It's actually a see through clock, but there's an outlet near the ceiling in the kitchen (no idea...) that we wanted to cover, so I used the cardboard backing the clock came in, and just taped it there. Now the clock back looks black, and matches the chalkboard! (as well as the range, and fridge, which have black sides).

The chalkboard was a DIY I was pretty proud of. We have this IKEA coffee table in the living room and basement..er.. "man cave." I didn't want to paint the chalkboard right on the wall in case we went to sell and the prospective buyers didn't like it, so I'd been looking for some type of board I could use. The lower shelf of the coffee table wasn't getting much use downstairs, so I took it and sawed it in 3/4. Since it was already black, I didn't feel the need to prime the board. I spray painted it with 2 coats of chalkboard paint (around $3.99 at Home Depot). I used some white trim we had laying around from the living room remodel and made the frame. There's some spaces where the corners all butt up against each other, but I think (and M agreed) it gives it some character. I could always use some silicone gel to fill it too, but I was too excited to get it hung before M got home from work.

(TIP: before drawing on the chalkboard after it's dry you have to "prime" it: lightly rub a piece of chalk sideways across the entire surface, and then wipe it clean. You're good to go!)

Here's a shot (above) of the kitchen looking through to the front of the house. One of my favorite views because you can see 3 of the wall colors- the sage green, the brown hall (that the living room used to be) and the gray living room. lurve. (nerd.)

Tonight M and I hung a wine rack (yep, more IKEA) to the right of the chalkboard. I took a picture but for whatever reason emailing it to myself (so it's a better quality to post to blogger) is taking eons. So once again, you get an unfinished photo. At least I have links this time to complete the visual.
UPDATE: email finally worked- here's a photo of the finished look:

(Not sure if you can see the text on the chalkboard but I figure I'm better off explaining now: "pickes" is my nickname. so no, M doesn't have an affinity for the gerkin. Actually, I do, which is how I got my nickname as a child.)

and lastly, here's another shot of the living room. OH- I also got that small circle table between the chairs at Target the same day. It was my 50% off item, so I got it for $8! We had a larger IKEA side table that looked too clunky with the new sleek chairs. (Yes, initially we furnished half our house with IKEA stuff, but hey...it was economic.)

I also have been meaning to post things that don't involve home renovations..but keep forgetting. Maybe I'll write about court this week... or my "fancy pizza" this Friday for lent. (hopefully if I write it down I'll remember to post it)


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