Monday, March 26, 2012

bathroom redo

I'm firmly convinced home remodeling is an addiction, and one that has snowballed in our house. When we first moved in, I had NO problem with the bathroom. The more time I spent in it,

however, the more I got sick of feeling like I was enveloped in a big brown turd. (S0rry for the visual). Brown above the chair rail, brown below the chair rail, and before we even bought the place M had got brown towels, shower curtain, and bath mats. SO. much. brown.

After spending inordinate amount of time on Pinterest, I decided there were 2 sets of

color combinations I wanted in a house. The first was light gray and white, which I got in the living room. The second, was a darker blue/gray, with white and black (or dark dark brown. (Shout out to M who lets me have free reign on the house. A girl's dream ;-) ...).

SO yesterday a trip to Home Depot to look for granite for the kitchen quickly turned into a bathroom redo. I picked out a blue/gray color called Shale Gray (from Home Depot's Behr paint collection). I also wanted to contemporize (that's a word, yes? no. whatevs, moving on) the vanity... the oak was pretty, but it was just a smidge too traditional for me. I liked the faucet and sink, so all we needed to do was give the vanity a sand, and a coat of black paint... and voila! our tired turd-brown bathroom has turned into a cool contemporary retreat! lurve it. Also got a new shower curtain from Target, black hand towels, and a black bath mat. Every time I walk by it, I smile.

M asked if we could be done painting rooms now. We moved in only wanting to paint 2, and have now painted 5. Woops. Oh well, I love customizing the home.

Saturday morning I judged moot court at school. I did the same competition last year. You and a partner write a mock brief (based on a "case" you are given) to the Minnesota Supreme Court. The brief is then scored, after which you argue that brief in front of a panel of judges against another team- this is called oral arguments. I use the term "argue" loosely, you basically prepare an outline of your brief of your best and most important points, and present them to the judges. The tricky part is that the judges get to ask you questions. SO you have to be very well prepared for all kinds of questions. There are 16 teams in the competition that compete within the school, and from there, the coach picks 6 people to participate in the New York City Bar Association's National moot court competition, which I also did last year. It's fun to be on the other side of the bench, in jeans, and be the one asking the tough questions!
After that, I came home and M and I landscaped a bit. Saturday night I went and saw Hairspray at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater with M's mom, grandma, 2 aunts, and 2 cousins. It was a blast! You eat dinner in the theater, and then turn your chairs slightly, and watch the show- without ever leaving the room! Dessert comes at intermission too, which is genius if you ask me.

All in all, a good, productive weekend. It's gotten to the point where when M and I woke up on Sunday with no plans to do anything to the house and I started to get a little panicky. We quickly remedied that with an all day bathroom redo, but oy-vey. I need to take a weekend off of "home stuff".. mostly just to prove to myself that I CAN. haha.


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