Sunday, May 11, 2014


HEY! Wait! Yes, you're in the right spot. 
I decided to give Kelly B. J.D. a little face lift this weekend. It's still not perfect, but it's a good start. :) I changed up the layout, updated my profile photo, added some social media buttons, and updated my "About Me" a little bit. 

So, click around! 

I also am instituting a new weekly (I hope) program here that I've borrowed from Daci's blog- although I've seen versions of it elsewhere. It's called the Sunday Currently . I figured it was a neat, semi-brainless [read as: there's prompts to follow] way to chronicle my weekend and other random tidbits. I figure this is something I can keep up with easier on Sundays than a traditional weekend update. I'll still do those on occasion as well. 

 R E A D I N G  

If we're being honest, I got 4/5 the way through Rules of Inheritance by Claire Bidwell Smith and  haven't been able to finish it. I bought it under the pretense that it would be about how she coped with the loss of both of her parents. I came dangerously close to losing both of mine in the last 6 months, and I bought it right after my mom passed away. Well, ostensibly it was about how to cope with loss but really it involved a whole lot of sex with people and boyfriend issues. Not slut shaming her by any means, and I understand it was how she coped.. but I didn't find it particularly helpful for me. Of course I realize I bought a memoir and not a self-help book, but I expected a little more insight. I hate not finishing things so I'm sure I'll finish it. 

On deck: Reconstructing Amelia, which I've heard good things about.

 W R I T I N G  

This blog post, but not a whole lot else.
Actually, I've also been writing in my grief journal a little bit. It's nice to get out the things that I really just don't feel like hashing out with anyone else. M included. Sometimes you just don't want feedback, ya know? Not only are they deeply personal thoughts, but my relationship with my mom was really complex. I just don't think anyone will be able to say anything that helps, with some of this stuff.

 L I S T E N I N G  

Watching, really: Law & Order SVU. My kryptonite. Listening to the rain fall as well. It's so cliche but there's nothing I love more, sound-wise.

 T H I N K I N G  

How nice Friday and Saturday were. Friday was spent tinkering with the blog layout and enjoying a Crispin. Saturday morning I received my first ever balyage treatment (spoiler: it's just like foils minus the foils) and went Ombre. I'm usually scared of change too drastic but I fear I oversold my emphasis on "subtle" and it almost barely looks as though I got anything done. Womp. Maybe this time I'll listen with the recommended "8 week follow up" and go even lighter for the rest of the summer. 

 S M E L L I N G 

Fresh rain and my coconut milk mango candle from Anthro. Heavenly.

 L O V I N G 

The breeze coming in through the open windows (and as I'm writing, a light rain. Is there anything better than the smell of a spring rain?) After the impossibly cold, and snowy, and all around miserable winter... it really felt like Minnesota would never experience warmth again. Windows open at nearly 9 p.m. means it's finally maybe here to stay.

 W A N T I N G 

Mother's Day to be over. I'm sure that feeling will change.. some day. Maybe even next year. But all today is, is a really uncomfortable reminder of what I don't have. Plus, it's so recent, that everybody is most definitely still giving me "dead mother eyes"... which are not my favorite.

 F E E L I N G  

A little nauseaous. [NOnotpregnantkthanksBAI]. I'm convinced I have the most sensitive stomach on the planet. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to what sets it off and makes me feel gross. Well, with the exception of dairy since I'm convinced that although undiagnosed, I'm lactose intolerant. Woof.  

 C L I C K I N G  

The MN Wild Twitter page. I haven't been watching the game tonight (perhaps I fear watching the loss...? :-/) but aside from the scream/grunt I heard when the Wild scored, M has been awfully quiet whilst watching. I just learned the score is 2-1 Blackhawks. He's watching in bed, which means the bed is not a safe place... lest the Wild score again and he fist-pump me onto the floor.


  1. Shoot, the Wild lost night. Although it breaks my heart that Bryz is doing well (he sucked with the Flyers), I want to see Chicago lose!
    I like these "currently" blog posts that Ive been seeing around blogland recently. I have no doubt yesterday was tough for you, what with everything still being so fresh and raw. I like this idea of a grief journal, you're absolutely right; sometime's you just want to get it all out without others injecting how they think you should cope. People get waaaaay too opinionated on that subject matter. I didn't get "dead mother eyes," but I did get some "no baby eyes" from neighbors as they were walking along with their family. I don't know what you're going through, but I hope over time, it gets easier. I don't necessarily believe in "time heals all wounds," but, I think as time passes we just learn to deal with the feelings better.
    OK, look at me trying to be all deep and shit... yikes. Anyway, I hope you were able to crawl into bed without disturbing M and his grouchy Wild loss mood. Happy Monday <3 Oh yeah, the blog looks great. Very "clean" I dig it.

  2. I got Reconstructing Amelia for Christmas and finished it in a week and a half. So good!

  3. KB! I love it!

    Bahaha! NOnotpregnantkthanksBAI... amazing. :)

  4. Love the new blog look! :) The smell/sound of a spring rain is so lovely - BUT, it can go away now and warm up FINALLY! ha!

  5. Love the new blog look!!!!!!

  6. what a pretty blog facelift, i love it!!! i have 'reconstructing amelia' on my book wish list too! i just finished up "what alice forgot" and didn't like it much at all.

    and i fell like i wrote your "feeling" paragraph word for word! i am SOOOOOO the EXACT SAME!! i hate it. my hubby hates it!