Wednesday, May 28, 2014


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The meaning behind the phrase "home away from home" seems to be an obvious one, doesn't it?
It's a place that isn't home, but feels like home.
When I was contacted by  to participate in their "home away from home" project I struggled a bit to come up with a place that truly stuck out as my number one. This was the case for many reasons, but I think the biggest one coincided with a line from their email, which read:
"sometimes, it just takes some good people, a great environment or a sense of comfort & familiarity"
One thing I've always prided myself on is my ability to adapt, so the truth is: I feel "home" a lot of places. Brunch wherever it is we happen to be dining that Saturday morning.. a coffee shop.. walking through the park or hiking (like we did this Memorial Day weekend!). However,  if pressed on one of my favorites, though... I'd have to say Naples, FL:

My aunt and uncle have a condo down there, so that definitely helps with the sense of comfort and familiarity.. but we've been down there a few times now and can now spot the "new" restaurants on 5th, have a favorite coffee shop, and have a bit of a routine when we head down.

I'm sad it didn't work out to get down there this winter, but it's nice to know we have a vacation spot that we love and are comfortable with just waiting for us to return.

So, what's the link between and Florida?
I don't have a puppy (YET- M is a fuddy duddy on this topic) but I do understand the importance of creating an environment for a puppy that is comfortable and familiar. DogVacay offers you real pet sitters in your area- no cages, half the price of boarding costs, and your pup will be hanging out with a fellow dog lover. Can't think of any better "home away from home" for your furry family member.

It's definitely a service I'll be checking out when I have one of my own!

So, tell me- what's your home away from home?


  1. Ok...why the heck didn't I contacted by dogvacay to do a post...I have a dog and I use I just booked Mya this weekend to stay with her sitter. Love dog vacay!!!

  2. Florida is my TOP state to visit. I feel like I make myself feel at home wherever I go as well, its comforting and I am a total creature of habit. I loved being apart of the DogVacay project too, I love a little bit of blog inspiration!

  3. Oh my gosh, your dress!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!

    My home away from home is the Jersey shore. Ocean City, NJ, to be exact! <3