Wednesday, May 21, 2014


This is another thing I've seen floating around on blogs that I always thought would be kind of fun to do- because if you're anything like me (read: nosy as hell) you wonder what it is people DO all day at their jobs. 
Two problems arose with my attempts at the project: First, I never remembered or thought about it until like.. 2:00 p.m., or driving home from work. Derp, too late. Second, I don't think I realized until today how little that I can photograph during the day- not only from a "I sit at a desk all day, this is kind of dull" perspective but from a, "I have to make sure there is NOTHING in the photo that even hints at a client's case or client's name." (Whether or not you've realized I've tried to make a concerted effort to keep my job, however interesting it may be at times, OFF the blog. It's just too blurry a line, and I would never want my clients- or potential future employers- to see me writing about them). 

Anyway, without further ado, here's my photo an hour project from 5.14.14: 

7:00 AM // It finally occurs to me to start taking photos early enough to do this project. Yay! Today was a "gym day" so it began earlier than usual.

8:00 AM // Getting ready at the gym after my run.. which I actually enjoy immensely. I find it very therapeutic to be around a lot of other people getting ready as well. 

9:00 AM // I've just gotten to work not too long ago, and settle in for the day. This means reviewing my "to do" list for the week, a fresh cup of coffee, and booting up the computer. 

10:00 AM // One of the paralegals tells me that my boss wants to get one of our cases sued out today in Spokane County, Washington. Good thing the Summons and Complaint has been drafted for months! Pro Hac Vice papers (so I'm able to practice in Washington State) have to wait until we find out who defense counsel will be.. but those are ready as well.

11:00 AM // I finish drafting a Position Paper for our settlement ALJ (Administrative Law Judge) in another one of my cases. This is for a sort of mediation we will have in the coming weeks. It's very confidential though, so not even a snippit for you. ;-). [and no my signature is not just "Kelly B.".. all pertinent information was scrubbed there, as well, for the photo]. 

12:00 PM // Lunch of champions, le duh. I do some internet browsing during this time as well. 

1:00 PM // I've earned a Special K bar dessert from the restaurant in the building.. riding down the elevator. 

2:00 PM // Need to pull an expense report of all attorney's fees and costs to date for our mediation statement and realized I haven't entered time in this case since July 2013. CRAP. Spend the next hour doing this. 

3:00 PM // Give statement to boss to review. He gets about 2 pages in and gives up, per usual, and begins suggesting changes that are actually on pages 3, 4, 5. Hand it off to another associate to do some real fine-tooth-combing it. Desk also begins to look like a disaster as the day goes on. 

4:00 PM // But is it time to go home yet...? 

5:00 PM // TIME TO GO HOME! YAY! Oh and some art that I haven't gotten around to hanging yet. 

6:00 PM // Today after work I headed over to my dad's to wait for him to get off work- my dad, brother and I are taking my mom's mom out for a belated mother's day dinner. Hanging out with ma squish in the meantime. 

7:00 PM // Sitting down for dinner at this hole-in-the-wall supper club out by grandma's. She's been going there for decades. 

8:00 PM // Finally piling to the car after dinner.. in which my brother compared oysters to boogers and we all laughed hysterically for 10 minutes. 

9:00 PM // home to put on sweat pants..TJ is extra meowy this evening so I check his auto feeder and it's empty. I THINK that means he's telling me he didn't get his dinner, but he could be lying. Settle on giving him 1/2 a dinner portion since he usually gets some treats before bed. 

9:30- crawl in to bed to edit blogs, snoozing by 10. 

That was a rather typical day-in-the-life! 


  1. Love these day in the life posts! So much fun!

  2. I've thought of doing this, too - but, my work hours are pretty boring..haha
    I love your TIME TO GO HOME face :)

  3. love these types of posts! Might have to do this too sometime.

  4. I always love reading these hour a day posts... Mine would be a computer monitor over and over again. Ha! Maybe a weekend one would be more exciting in my life ;) What do you think of that suave hair oil? I've been wanting to try one, but have no idea where to start and my salon suggested one that was $75 a bottle. Oy!

  5. Oh I've been meaning to do one of these posts for YEARS but I keep forgetting hahaha. But you've reminded me how much I love reading them!!
    I LOVE your work desk! I can't wait until I'm a lawyer and get my own desk (hahaha!)

    Where is my mind?

  6. Enjoyed reading this! I will have to do it for a day off... my job is the same scene for 12 hours. Anyways, you rock girl

  7. I want to do one of these but I can't really take pictures at work so I guess it will have to wait until I have a new job.

  8. Love these!! I was thinking the same thing - I would have to make sure NO patient's information was visible! Patient confidentiality and all that! LOL. But also... sometimes we are so busy that the second time i glance at the clock it's already noon! I would miss hours! Maybe i'll do it on a Friday. We aren't that crazy on Fridays! :) Enjoyed your post!

  9. I love the way you lawyer, KB! :) Great post!