Sunday, May 18, 2014


 L I S T E N I N G  

To M's country Spotify playlist on the speakers and the cars driving by outside... as well as the occasional squeak from TJ who is busy dashing from window to window.

 T H I N K I N G 

What a perfect day today was: up early, grabbed coffee and went on a walk out at Burwell Park in Minnetonka. Followed that up with brunch at People's Organic across the street, a stop at Home Depot for flowers for our window boxes, and some gardening. We planned meals for the week, went to the grocery store, and stopped at Costco for the front door mat. Just finished mowing down some chips and homemade salsa and enjoying a cocktail. I have country on the speakers and a kitty in my feet tucked behind M's back, on the couch. Doesn't get much better. :)

 S M E L L I N G 

Remnants from our smoky salsa verde that M and I made for a salsa competition on Friday (that we WON, BOOYA!). We just housed a bowlful and it's sitting on the coffee table. Nom.

 W I S H I N G 

That we had just one more day before the work week. BUT this week should be a short-ish one.. I have Leah's wedding Friday (and am getting sworn in to the federal bar of MN that morning!)
{how I woke up Friday.. tootie spooning}

 H O P I N G 

We get Italy booked sooner rather than later. We've been busy but need to stop making excuses or we will never be going. We also have a tentative trip to Tacoma planned for July that we need to actually book. M's family has a 100th birthday/reunion for his great uncle, so we're making the trek to explore the area and visit.

 L O V I N G 

The flowers we planted in our window boxes and our new doormat. It's amazing what a few tiny things can do to really boost your curb appeal. :) aannnnddd that it was finally WARM and sunny in MN today! A rare combination as of late.

 W A N T I N G 

Someone else to make dinner. Or maybe we just eat more chips and salsa.... :-/?!

 F E E L I N G 

Content. and a little sleepy.

 C L I C K I N G  

THIS video. Hilarious, but also TERRIFYING- Pretty sure I'd have peed my pants.


  1. "Tentative trip to Tacoma"... like, Tacoma, Washington?!!

    Also, woot woooot for the salsa! Well done!

  2. sounds like a perfect weekend (with perfect weather, yay MN!). Are you planning to share that salsa recipe or is it top secret?! I've never been to People's Organic Cafe, but my hubby says it's amazing! He put the Christmas lights up there this past winter and had lunch a few times while working...I'm very interested in checking it out and brunch sounds amazing!

  3. What a productive Sunday!! :) Wanna come fill my planters now?? HAHAHAHA