Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Is there anything more Minnesotan to convey exhaustion ....

OMG brief pause in this blog post because I have to share: M is DEAD asleep on the couch, as in, catching flies dead asleep. He pop straight up, looks me in the eye, and with a wag of his finger says,
"they'll never know before you will." and then passes the F back out. I'm dying. He's notorious for being very out of it when he wakes up, and his outbursts are the best..

anyway, back to being sleepy. While M is out cold I figured I'd write a random update. I haven't really had time, or energy (mostly) to upload pictures from this past weekend..which wasn't many. M and I went back to Moorhead to visit his dad before wedding madness ensues. His dad's gf Cindy confessed she thought we'd call Thursday and cancel because we'd be too busy. I've been pretty calm mostly because everything has been done, for so long, I'm ready to get on with it. I did finish writing thank you notes for the shower, put meal choices on escort cards, and then somehow talked Cindy into chopping up a log for us to use for table numbers. Long story short my first plan wasn't practical and the numbers weren't..well..standing. They kept flopping over. SO now I have real log pucks with slits in them. Pretty neat.

Hmm, what else. Met with M's friend's wife last week who is helping us with our minimal flowers. She's doing small arrangements for half the tables, and our bouquets. Our final numbers are in to the caterers, and I knocked out the seating arrangement in 40 minutes. In the spirit of honesty, I will say, I had a few tables already set up ahead of time (as we got our RSVPs in) in a spreadsheet, so the rest fell into place easily.

My dress was supposed to be ready on the 20th. I called to tell them I wouldn't be able to come then, which worked out, because they asked me for "one more day".. which would've been Saturday. I swung in TUESDAY morning before work and she was working on it when I walked in. O_O. so, clearly not done. The tricky part is they're only open 8:30-5, and my new hours are 8:30-5:30. I had meetings early, and most the day today, M and I are picking up our marriage license tomorrow at 8 before work, which just leaves Friday. So rather than trying to squeeze it in, I'm going to go Saturday. On one hand, I want to rage that they're taking so effing long when they've had it for almost a MONTH, and told me it'd be ready Saturday. On the other hand, I figure they can't possibly F it up too bad.. I'm just having the length taken up, and a bustle added. Absolute worst case scenario the dress is too short, and I ditch my heels and wear flats so it doesn't look stupid.. and if the bustle sucks or breaks, I'll just use my wrist-strap and hoist my train around all night. I'd be probably more spazzy if I was taking in the waist at all.

I had 5 and a half hours of meetings on cases today because my main boss is going to Europe for 2 and a half weeks, so all the associates taking his cases during that time had status meetings today. Myself, and the other newbie, sat in on all of them so we'd have some background on all the cases. There was an issue with an upcoming trial, and who can go, and some schedule conflicts with another attorney and his wife.. so, long story short, I may be second chairing a trial in Illinois in a few weeks. O_O ----> that's all I'll say there.

Time to drag the slug up to bed. He has now woken up a second time, and nodded when I asked "time for bed" before falling back asleep on the couch.

Oh, and I'm getting married in 10 days. (!!!!!!)

I'm not even sure what I'd blog about before then, and I have no guest posters lined up. woops. So, may just be some stream of conscious crap again.. BUT I will be a good blogger and recap dutifully afterwards. Never you fear. :)


  1. DUDE!! 10 days!! You have got to be the most organized bride I've ever known!

  2. married in 10 days?! how happy! i just got married last may and it was :) is the wedding in minneapolis or saint paul? hopefully the weather stays this gorgeous :)

  3. Yay! 10 days are going to FLY by! Congrats, lady!

  4. I have been SO bad at reading my fav MN blogs but i wanted to check in and say HAPPY WEDDING WEEK! your IG pic prompted this. I cant wait to soon see picture of this sure to be beautiful fall wedding!