Thursday, September 12, 2013


Holy crap you guys.
I had every intention of recapping this shower earlier this week but zomg, life. I don't even know what happened Monday, but Tuesday was our RSVP deadline and I went kind of crazy because OMG I JUST NEED THIS PART TO BE OVER. So I hammered out who was missing. In case you were wondering we had SEVENTY (7-0) outstanding RSVPs. blaaahhhhhh. So, I assigned M's mom to track down her people, M's dad his, my dad a few of his, and I took care of the rest. As of today we only have 9 or so outstanding, most of whom I think I know are "no's" but still waiting to hear. Everybody else? You get written off. Show up at the wedding and wonder why you have no meal or seat? ain't my problem anymore.

Then, last night, I got this message:


OMG is right. So, there went any hope at productivity. 
M and I ate fast, and hauled ass to downtown St. Paul, where we spotted them leaving the park. Unsure if he'd done it already, I dove behind a truck and M spun around and pretended to look at his phone. After sitting outside for 10 minutes trying to figure out whether he had, so as not to ruin the surprise, we figured out we were okay, and headed over to the Bulldog where we celebrated the newly engaged couple! 

So here I am.
Today was my last day at work. I left at noon, had an eye appointment, and am now feeling the beginning stages of a cold coming on (could've been my over caffienation this morning and lack of water, which I'm trying to fix) but I can't afford that regardless- I have a BACHELORETTE party to attend to Saturday! Mine. So frickin' weird, guys. It really hasn't hit me, I feel like this week has been such a whirlwind. I haven't even gone shopping for a dress. O_O. Granted, I'm not sure what we're doing. Maybe I can squeeze that in tomorrow. I have tomorrow off, and am hoping to knock out some serious wedding tasks.

Anyway, finally, my bridal shower!
My aunts and grandma threw it, and it was beautiful and perfect and I was SO overwhelmed with the gifts. I mean, I registered... I knew we would be getting things in theory, but I never quite got to the "actually receiving things" part. Even from people who couldn't make it to the party, which I totally didn't expect. I forgot my camera (WOMP) but my aunt sent me all these, and I jacked some from my friends' IGs.

(They got adorable burlap printed napkins, to fit in with our wedding theme. LOVE THEM. Got to take some home. :) )

(cousin Cally) 
(aunt Pam and I- we stay with her & my uncle in FL)
(L-R, aunt marie [threw us the couples shower!], godmother Carrie, cousin Steph, her mom Tammy]
(Mom took a little nap. ;-))
(L-R: M's mom, M's sister, bridesmaid Dana, Bridesmaid Molly, me, PA Leah)
(my ridiculously stylish grandma, and aunt) 
(holding up our bowls, I'm obsessed with the dishes. seriously.)

So there's that! I'm going to finalize our program design and hopefully print those off tomorrow! After that, putting meal choices/tables on escort cards, and finalizing tables, I'm DONE. I think. I have to consult the list. :) 

Anyway, how have you guys been.. out there in the real world? 



  1. I still haven't even started a program - mostly because music is still up in the air and a hot damn mess. Woof.

    Your dishes ARE gorgeous. Whoa.

    I still can't figure out if we will get a ton of legit gifts (aka not cash) at the wedding. I actually hate taking gifts to weddings, but the last one I was at had a STACKED gift table, so there's that. Hmmmm.

    God, I still have so much to do. Woof. 9 days. Crap.

  2. Sorry to say it, but your weeks are probably only going to get busier and fly by the closer to the wedding you get. But just remember it's a happy time. Not a stressful time.

  3. AWWW I made the blog!!!!!!!!! Love your recap.

  4. I love that your mom got to watch, even just from the couch :) and you have like, boxes on top of her haha.

  5. What a beautiful shower :) Jealy of your dishes!!

    And congrats to LEAH!!

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