Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Just stopping in to tell you all I'm alive! I survived the bachelorette party. Actually I was 85% sober by the time we went home which is just how I wanted it. :)

I had every intention of uploading pictures Sunday but then it was my last day before the new job, and I started writing thank you notes, and blah blah blah. Monday M had just gotten home from a presentation so we hung out. Tonight his friend's wife came over to go over flower stuff since she's helping with that with the wedding.

So here I am, telling you I'm eating a caramel sea salt brownie (omg.) and trying to count up chicken/pasta dishes for the wedding because EIGHTEEN DAYS (paaaaaaanic).

Started the new job Monday, it's been slow and a lot of what I expected.. some people are on vacation so mostly it's just been getting accustomed to the office, some small projects here and there. I'm sure I'll be missing this time when I'm swamped in the near future. I desperately need to decorate, it's like a tiny prison cell in there. A boy had it before me so I found approximately $4.00 in pennies, dimes and nickels strewn about in the drawer. So far the people seem nice. There are quite a few new people besides me, actually, including 1 afternoon front desk secretary, a paralegal, and a "copy girl" (I'm vague on what she does but this is what I was told)..and another new attorney starts next Monday (at least I beat him!) so it's just an adjustment. Not to mention I work later and have a longer commute so by the time I get home and eat dinner I'm all "waaahhhh!" where did my day go!?

whiniest post ever just to tell you: it's coming. soon. maybe tomorrow. no promises.


  1. A married woman in 18 days??? OOMMMMMMMGEEEE!!

  2. Almost there!! Can't wait to see pictures from the bachelorette party!

  3. I'm glad your first couple days are going great at your new job. It's always a tough adjustment starting a new job with a new schedule! And 18 days? Wow!!