Friday, April 18, 2014


It happened again. was my last post already 8 days ago? Jeez time is flying.
Mostly my absence can be explained by M and I binging on The Wire (we're on Season 1 Episode 12 presently). Buuuuttt this weekend we have visitors and it's easter and I'm hosting a bridal shower so there will be THINGS TO DISCUSS Monday. Get excited.

OH and next week I have a guest post lined up from a wonderful lady in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week. No, M and I are not trying to make wee-ones yet and no there's nothing I haven't shared about that, but this topic is very near and dear to one of the kindest and most compassionate women I've met through blogging- Lo.  Check out Lo's blog for more info, and stay tuned next week when a bunch of bloggers will be hosting infertility bloggers to help spread the word and raise awareness about infertility.

Gracias, until Monday.

oh and Happy Easter Weekend to all those who celebrate. :)


  1. Oh sweets! I feel the same! Although I feel like I need to come and do posts sooner than later!! I'll make sure to come by and visit come monday! Happy Easter weekend!

  2. I have been a blogging failure this month. Woof. Time flies.

  3. I've heard The Wire is good? Obviously you guys like it?