Thursday, April 10, 2014


Hi, I'm here. 
It seems like every weekend that passes, by the time I realize I haven't posted it's Monday or Tuesday, and then next thing I know it's Wednesday so I pretty much give up on that week and vow to try again next week. And on, and on, and on. 

Here's a little bit of what I've been up to lately: 

Lots of snuggling with my buddy:

Embarrassing my buddy by putting scarves on him and making him pose for pictures: 

Last Friday, due to the fact that a large contingent of my co-workers live over an hour away from the office in Wisconsin, my boss let us work from home. It was a rare moment for me, who has never really been a "work from home-r".. but TJ really enjoyed having me around, and I enjoyed working from bed. M also worked from home.. so it was a nice start to the weekend.

That night I went and saw "Once" with M's mom, his step-sister, and his sister. I'm really not a musical person and find myself antsy for it to get over by about halfway through the second act, but I actually really enjoyed this one. It was more modern, with modern sounding music- and I liked it a lot. There's a movie "Once" - which I googled in the car on the way home- and while I'm intrigued, the actors in the movie look NOTHING like the play and I think I'll have a hard time with that so I may wait a bit until it's not so fresh in my memory. 

We went to Crave beforehand in downtown Minneapolis, too. #nom:

Saturday I judged moot court at my law school with my #LSBFF (law school bestest friend forever-- long story, but I couldn't resist) and then we went antiquing at Hunt & Gather in Edina. I took a brief nap, and then M and I went to check out Yard House, a new restaurant near our place. It was SO. GOOD. The menu was huge, I had these orgasmic parmesean truffle fries, egg rolls, and M got a giant deconstructed spicy tuna roll (M and I shared the appetizers but the heaping mounds of avocado on the sushi prevented me from partaking..what with the allergy and the vomiting that takes place):

M had a client dinner Monday and I was the laziest sack of $hi* on the planet. Being too lazy to cook for one devolved into ordering delivery, which devolved into being too cheap to hit the delivery minimum and going to pick up Pizza Hut and then becausewhynot ..stopped for booze at the liquor store across the street from Pizza Hut. Total 100% #fattynight:

We've also been enjoying the warm weather (FINALLY) and cracking the windows. TJ has been able to expel some winter cabin fever by sniffing all the live long day. Meow: 

So that's that. I swear I'm going to bring out my nice camera this weekend... I say that every weekend. So far we have a surprise birthday thing tomorrow, brunch with M's mom, dinner with my dad Saturday, lunch with a friend Sunday, and watching the Masters on Sunday with  M's sister and her bf. I need to squeeze in some time to pick up decor for the bridal shower I'm throwing next weekend. All good stuff, and I'm looking forward to the weekend!


  1. That first picture of TJ is adorable. I have heard all good things about the Yard House. I'm hoping to go this weekend to try it.

  2. Once the movie is amazing. The "actors" in the movie are really musicians who formed the band the Swell Season together after doing the movie with the songs they wrote for it. Love their music!

  3. I've heard many good things about Once...I'm anxious to see it. Also, TJ is adorable...especially in that scarf!

  4. I feel like if I was allowed to work from home I would just end up napping all day :P

  5. I have heard so much good about Once... how i didn't realize it was a musical, i don't know! I thought it was a play without music. Anyway... glad you enjoyed it. And that pizza looks good! :)

  6. That's so funny...I just saw Once this weekend, too. Although, admittedly I am a musical person. Did they let folks up on the stage? We got to go up before the show and order a drink.