Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I'm hopping back in time to document my Easter weekend (hopping- GET IT?!). Moving on. 
Saturday of Easter weekend I hosted a bridal shower for Leah. Due to the number of RSVP's we moved it to Cooper at the West End and it was such a great decision. The food was amazing, the room was perfect, and ZOMG it was so nice to not have to do ANY cleaning and just go home and crawl into bed for a nap. 

The bride with her mom and grandma. :) 
I think a fun time was had by all, and Leah scored some sweet wedding gifts, so that's always a bonus. 
I was sad to have missed the bachelorette that was this past weekend but I was in NYC for a wedding (more on that later this week!) but the wedding will be here in just a few weeks! 

Easter was the following day and we had M's dad and his girlfriend staying with us, and his sister, her boyfriend, and my brother all came over for brunch. It was my first time cooking ham, and I tried to replicate my grandma's strata and I have to say- my brother proclaimed it better than grandma's. Success! 


I had a much better day than I had the night before. I guess that's just how grief works. 
Selfie we sent my dad who was in NYC visiting my cousin. M wasn't supposed to be in it but that, my friends, is what we call perfect timing: 

Overall it was a busy but really good weekend.
As I mentioned, this past weekend we were in NYC which was fun, and also exhausting, and I'll post more about that later. This coming weekend we have M's dad AND sister from Michigan in town so the hours are being filled rapidly, OH and Sunday is the MS Walk in which we've raised over $3,500 and I'm coordinating a team of 50+ (I won't mention the anxiety that I have that not everyone has registered online so I have no REAL idea how many people are going to show up. hmpf)... It'll be fun, and I do enjoy hosting and planning things, but the fun stops when I try to have to anticipate every contingency, question, thing-that-will-go-wrong when dealing with humans. This is a built in part of my job as an attorney I suppose and it carries over in my day-to-day life.. which makes me sleepy.

I'm going to need a weekend to recover from my weekend's soon.. although the next few weekends through May are filling up and then summer craziness starts. Is it nap time yet?

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