Monday, June 17, 2013

When the cat's away..

The mouse will do sake bombs for the first time. 
Yeah, that happened. Let's back up though. 
This past weekend was M's bachelor party weekend up in Duluth, MN. The guys rented out a ginormous cabin, drank, played yard games, golfed and fished. AKA M's version of heaven. 

Some of the girls decided to seize on this opportunity and do something that the guys don't particularly enjoy anymore- go out in Uptown.

We started at Stella's where we had dinner. 
Because I'm super classy, I was the girl who ordered chicken wings at the seafood place. Woops. 
We decided after to relive our younger years and head over to William's Peanut Bar. It's exactly what it sounds like: a cesspool of college kids packed into a dingy basement eating peanuts and discarding the shells on the floor. On our walk, we were going to pass by Chino Latino- which is the exact opposite of William's. A super classy, modern, asian/latino fusion restaurant. We got on the subject of sake bombs and when Holly and I mentioned we'd never done one before, Brooke decided it was imperative we do one. So we marched in, plopped down, and bombed. 

I will say, I'm not a fan of vodka, OR beer, which is apparently what comprises a sake bomb.. but together they were remotely tolerable. I was still the last to finish mine since chugging isn't my forte. 
Holly then bought everyone a round of mojitos, which were on special and also delicious. 

The girls with our sake apparel:
We then continued on to our original destination and wound up at William's. 
We were easily the oldest people there, but still had a good time. 

Holly decided before we left that she wasn't done with her peanuts so she dumped the basket in her purse. I recall telling her she's going to regret that decision in the morning, what with all the peanut dust. 

I will say, I did thoroughly enjoy them at the next bar... which was Bar Louie. Uptown is hipster central and apparently Bar Louis is where all the fratsters hang out. We were standing in line when Katie told the bouncer she taught the owners' daughter in dance. After some light quizzing, we ended up getting to skip the line and go right in. #bonus! It was here that someone actually tried to use f.e.m.a.l.e. m@$terb@tion (I don't need that as a search term for the blog) as a pick up line on me. I promptly told him I was married (close enough) and he's effing disgusting. I will say, I enjoyed our ridiculous night out, and getting a little wild, but I'm so glad I don't need to use it as a means to meet a dude anymore. oofta. 

I spent the night at Brooke's, who lives by me, so she could give me a ride to the car in the morning. Woke up ridiculously early given the fact that I went to bed at 3:30 (after a pizza, of course) and went downstairs to chug water for an hour. Definitely was the turning point between debilitating hangover, and not. Snuggled with this guy:

I came home and watched a movie, and then after the immense guilt of watching my neighbor weed, seed, and water his lawn, I hauled my ass to Home Depot to finally get flowers to plant in our window boxes (as well as some herbs, a hanging basket, and potted plant). I figured it was now or never.

I then posted this photo which apparently repulsed some of you ;-). I only had one glove so I pretty much said "F it." and went for it.


Spent the rest of the day Saturday hanging out with this guy..

and finishing (almost, just a small handful more!) addressing wedding invitations. Now I just need to finish designing them and print them!

Sunday I met Jess, Lauren and Syndal for coffee and had some lovely conversation, per usual. Stopped at Rainbow on the way home to pick up some last minute provisions before hosting my family and M's dad for father's day. It wound up being a beautiful morning and afternoon, which we enjoyed out on the deck.

How was your weekend? I'm off to crawl into our cool basement and snuggle with the bachelor-boy. He's going to be crashing early tonight. ;-)


  1. Nothing like a woman who is not afraid to get her hands dirty!

    Also, giggled about the pickup line being used against you. Just take is as a sign that the world thinks you're smokin' hot.

  2. FUN TIMES!! You were pretty productive after a night on the town - I would have been nearly dead and wouldn't have moved for the next 3 days. haha

    Hope M had fun at his Bach party!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend. That is pretty funny that your friend poured the peanuts in her purse

  4. I love Sake Bombs! What a fun place for your first one. I love Chino!

  5. What a great night on the town!

  6. oh man, laughing about the peanuts!

  7. haha

    " When the cat's away..
    The mouse will do sake bombs for the first time. "

    this made me giggle.

    and p.s. that had pic scared me for a sec on IG! haha

  8. Sounds like a fine time was had by all! Glad you enjoyed your weekend while M was gone.