Thursday, June 20, 2013

A short story about a buzzed blogger and a salvaged rehearsal dinner

Lazy busy summer weeks mean minimal posting, woops, but this story is too good not to share quick.

Well, you all remember my minor tirade about the rehearsal dinner saga of 2013, right? Basically we had emailed this place for information, got a quick response, and then once we decided we wanted to book? Crickets. We emailed multiple times, called, and every time we were met with crickets. We'd slowly started to research other options, and still weren't really liking a lot of what we were coming up with.

One day, our favorite blogger buddy Lauren (most of you know her I think, and if not, you're missing out) was getting buzzed on some early-afternoon beverages at the very same establishment. She mentioned it, and I may have responded with something along the lines to "fiery death to them."

No less than an hour later I'm getting a text from Lauren that went something like this, "don't be mad at me, buuuuttt I may have stopped a manager here and told her what happened with you guys and she said she'd be calling within the hour." Bam, getting shit done.

Sure enough, 30 minutes later, I was on the phone with the new events manager. Some of you may be wondering why I so badly still wanted to go with a venue that didn't get back to me for so long. Well, a) they're affordable but still higher-end, b) knowing that the woman who contacted me is now exclusively in charge of events and things of that nature, made me feel better. The previous contact was the owner, who was ridiculously busy and got hundreds of emails a day.

SO, we went and peeked at the space Tuesday, and loved it. Booked it yesterday via email and are mailing the deposit check today. WOOT!

It's in Uptown, and although it has a parking lot... parking is still a slight concern. We'll just encourage carpooling.

That's a short story of how Lauren saved the rehearsal dinner.

The end.


  1. YAY!! :) So glad you got it all booked now! :) Check it off the list!

  2. Awesome! So glad they redeemed themselves!

  3. How am I not surprised that Lo can get ish done?! Glad she was able to help you out, Kel!

  4. haha, go Lo! Glad you got that all straightened out!

  5. Laughed my way through this post. I think with a few beers I could very well save the planet. ;) Just kidding. Buzzed Lauren isn't generally this efficient. Thank you for the shout out. So sweet. Glad things came together. Natalie seemed to have her poop in a group.

  6. HAHAHA! Awesome story! Yay for friends like Lauren!

  7. Pretty sure Lauren should be getting a cut of their profits... She saved them your booking... and she pretty much saved their reputation for all your readers!

  8. whoop whoop! LO!!! hahaha that is hilarious!

    oh and yes, for sure NEVER work with a bar/restaurant owner, they have people that work for them to deal with that stuff! i am glad it's going to work out after all.