Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wedding hodge podge.

Well, wedding posts have been sparse around here.
Not too much exciting going on.
Although, other people post lots of details about non DIY things, so, I suppose I could do that. I just love posting the crafting stuff so much, everything else seems boring in comparison. Coming from me, that is.

Well, Here are a few DIY's I've done lately. They don't really require a detailed tutorial. They're a combination of some previous tutorials, anyway. I actually jacked the card box idea from Syndal. :)

I knew I wanted to do something lace, cream, burlap (ya know, sort of our "theme", if you will) for my garter. I also knew I didn't want to drop large sums of money on a mostly superfluous accessory.. so I hit etsy for inspiration, and wound up with this:  


The center rosette is burlap, the other 2 are the same cream ribbon that I lined the table runners with. 
As for the center pearl/blingy thing... I actually found it on the ground. O_O. no joke. During our engagement retreat when we headed over to the chapel for confession/mass, there was a wedding just ending. As I was walking up the steps I noticed it on the ground. I'm guessing it fell off something.. maybe her bouquet or shoes? I'm sure it was just something bought at Michael's, but still. I saved it figuring I could work it into something, and ta-da! I was right. 

 I just bought this return-address stamp, too:

Ours won't have a last name on it, though. I wanted something we could use for wedding things, before and after, and thought it'd be too weird to have our new combined last name on there before the wedding. It was $21 plus shipping. 

Hmm, what else. OH, I want to freak out on the place we're trying to have our rehearsal dinner.
I thought we had FINALLY found somewhere that worked: reasonably priced, good food, somewhat close to the church.... and it's all gone to hell. She was SUPER responsive when we were asking for information, and since we've emailed to book it? Crickets. M's emailed, twice. Called, twice. I called once and got a rude bartender on the phone, "um, I don't even know what you're talking about. I'm just the bartender. You need to email Jxxxx" ...mkay, well, then maybe don't answer the phone as a company representative if you're going to be a douche. So I email the other contact person yesterday, still nothing. I'll give them a week and then I'm over it. I'm just frustrated because I finally thought we could stop looking. Dumb.

We found a mother of the groom dress for M's mom.
(myself, M's sister, his mom, and his other sister, at the dress shop): 

and us at dinner afterwards: 

This was the "surprise shopping trip" I had mentioned before.. and she was very surprised! I think initially the idea of springing a shopping trip on a woman who wasn't prepared to try on clothes (you know how that goes, ladies) scared her, BUT we ended up finding a beautiful dress. Excited to see her in it at the wedding!

We have our tasting TOMORROW, which I'm super jazzed about. (feels super official, then!) Aaaannnddd then I'm hoping to mock up our invites/RSVP cards and print them this weekend since it's M's bachelor party. Printing them makes me nervous though, because... if I F it up, I can't take it back. haha. I've been addressing our envelopes though recently, since I'm doing the calligraphy myself. I saw this on Pinterest:

I bought a calligraphy pen at Michael's for a few bucks, and since this style doesn't require anything too fancy in the way of wrist technique, I've been pretty pleased with the outcome, so far! 40 down, about 80 to go.

I need to schedule a dress fitting...although I really only think I need one. It fits me pretty perfectly in the mid-section, it's just really long.

That's about it, that I can think of at the moment.
Trucking right along! 4 months both seems like a really long time, and like no time at all. Invites are due to go out in 2 months or so.

MEEP! It's happening!


  1. good luck with the calligraphy!!! and I want that stamp! soooo cute!

  2. Yay for getting wedding stuff accomplished. Pretty sure I saw that stamp on pinterest this morning, which inspired MY post about wedding stamps.

    Great minds CLEARLY think alike.

    Also... I feel like you are way more accomplished than me, so I may go freak about my wedding now.


    1. Eeekk...only a few more months. It's been so fun following along on the wedding process with you!! With all your DIY's - your wedding is not only going to be gorgeous, but so special and meaningful considering you put so much time and effort into it yourself.

      And for reeaaallzzz....I LOVE YOUR HAIR!

  3. EEK! :) You're slowly but surely crossing things off the list! :) Can't wait to see all the details come together!

  4. I love that you're doing your own calligraphy. You continue to dominate this whole DIY shit.

    1. Errr, not saying your stuff is shit, saying that you're amazing at all DIY stuff.

  5. I love every picture in this post. Everything is turning out SO pretty!

  6. that card box is fantaaastic!! :)

    also- LOVE your hair in those photos-- kind of curly/kind of wavy and a little mussed up in a good way! meow!

  7. I love the card box, i love the calligraphy, i love the return address stamp! YAY! :)

  8. Super cute DIY stuff and I love the stamp!