Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend happenings

There's only so many ways to title a weekend wrap up. Clearly I'm not stretching too hard to be creative. Mer.
I realize, sitting here on Sunday night, that I dropped the ball last week in terms of posting. Woops. Maybe I'll be better this week.
Moving on to the weekend.

Friday night I met up with some MN Blogger girls for happy hour at the Green Mill in Rosedale Mall. I headed over after work and did some shopping before our 6:00 meetup. I bought a shirt-dress (that you'll see below in a picture) and some mint skinny's. I figure I'm only a year behind that trend, and for $15, it's not too late to hop on the tail end of it, right?

The girls at HH:

Saturday morning I woke up to this little terror:


He gets hungry and starts to act out if we don't get up to feed him soon enough. This particular morning he took pleasure in pulling the table runner down and then stomping on it. He got even more riled up when I was awake and talking to him and still not making a move to get up and feed him. 

I finally stopped neglecting him and fed him. Afterward, he slunk back upstairs and peeked from around the corner..

I think someone felt bad about how he acted.

Since we were up pretty early (8:30) we decided to head to one of our favorite breakfast spots in Minneapolis, Moose & Sadie's.


See, Moose is the dog. Sadie is the girl: 

It's in the warehouse district of Minneapolis, and has a very industrial vibe. It's a super small spot, but we were one of the first few there. If I was told I could only eat one meal out for the rest of my life, I'd pick breakfast/brunch hands down every time. While I love to sleep (duh), I also love to wake up early still (8:30-9) on the weekends and hit a breakfast spot. Something about being awake before a lot of the world, watching the sun come up, having coffee. I just love breakfast. 

It also helps that Moose & Sadie's has some of THE best quiche in Minneapolis, and trust me.. I've done the leg work. (Aster Cafe, across the river, is either tied for 1st or a close 2nd, depending on what kind they're serving). I had the bacon broccoli cheddar. nomnomnom.

After, we swung by Men's Warehouse to put in the suit order. My brother, no surprise, is the only one who hasn't gotten his measurements in. I've been trying to maintain a delicate balance of reminding and not badgering but with family, that line blurs fast.

Then I found TJ's suit that he'll be wearing to the wedding:

JK guys, I'm not THAT crazy.
I'm not sure I've mentioned it before, but we're not having a ring bearer or flower girl or any kids in the wedding party. Don't get me wrong, I find all your children adorable, but to me- wrangling multiple small children for photos, dealing with their antics and moods, and potential 'stage fright' sounds like the absolute last thing I want to do on my wedding day. That, and I'm not exceptionally close to any small children in my family. I think if my brother and I were older or he were married with kids, I'd use them. That being said, I can totally see WHY people do include kids: this tiny suit, I died. 

After Men's Warehouse, I talked M into going to Shane Co. to just "look" at bands (I think you can guess how this story ends...). I wasn't sure if I wanted a band, or would find a band that was affordable. (it's a good thing I didn't have any say over how much M spent on my ring, because I have SUCH anxiety about spending large sums of money, especially asking someone else to spend it on me, that I wouldn't have wound up with as nice of a ring as I have if I were a part of the decision). I also wasn't sure if I would like the way a band looked with my ring. (Here's a reminder of what it looks like-->)

I figured I'd need a contoured band since it kind of bows out around the center stone. Well, we walked in just wanting to get a feel for how it'd look. She pulled 3 rings. One straight band, one that bowed out, and one that kind of was a soft sideways "S" (if that makes any sense at all). Color me surprised when the band that was my favorite was the most affordable. I bought it for myself on the spot, haha.
Here it is:

I'm going to refrain from sharing the band/ring combo as it actually looks on my hand until the wedding, sowwy. ;-)

Saturday afternoon I hung out around the house while M helped his dad move into his new apartment. Saturday night was an absolute blast. M's friend from college, Brett, married a girl named Gretchen. It was Gretchen's dad's (Red, is his name) 60th birthday party. Because they live on a lake, a lot of M's friends have spent a lot of time over there and have gotten to know Red. They're so generous and the party did not disappoint. They had live music, and the theme was "Red" for Red (as you can see in the background). I wish the picture was better quality.

We stayed until about midnight, singing along and having a good time.

Sunday we went to church with my parents, and then M and my dad went to the Sportsman's Show in Minneapolis in preparation for their annual Canada fishing trip. My brother's not going on the trip this year so he stayed behind, and he and I went and got Chipotle for lunch. I think it's been hard on him living at home (he and my dad butt heads) and he's often not in the best mood when I see him. Since it was just the two of us, though, we were able to chat and I really enjoyed it. 

We got home and played with my parent's cat, Squish. Or "mush" as Syndal calls him. ;-)

We randomly had some legos sitting out in the living room (my mom's PCA had her kids over apparently) so Stephen started playing with the cat with them. This ensued, naturally:

After the guys got home, M and I swung by M's dad's and helped him set up his apartment a bit more. Currently, we're snuggled up on the couch watching the Gopher's embarrass themselves to Florida. Sorry, not even trying to be a downer, but it's not looking good.

Hope you all had a good weekend!
I've had such a hodge podge of posts sitting in my drafts.. maybe I'll finish one or 2 and get my shit together this week. Or maybe not. We'll see. :)



  1. I am bummed I couldn't make the HH. Maybe next time :)

    Oh and go gators :)

  2. I spent time at the Sportsmen's Show every year as a kid (Yes, it has been around FOREVER!)... Good old Sparky the Seal and the trout pond!

    Your Saturday breakfast place looks/sounds fantastic. Glad you had a great weekend!

  3. hahah aw man..I just LOVE that mushy cat! I want to squeeeeze him like a crazy cat lady would!

  4. 1) Get an auto feeder. They are amazing. 2) Breakfast/brunch is the best meal of the day. 3) Totally agree with no small children in weddings. Not worth it. 4) LOVE your band ;) 5) LOVE that dress! Gorgeous! 6) That squishy cat is freaking adorable. I want his face.

  5. I love Moose and Sadies! It's super close to my work, so I got there for lunch sometimes :)