Thursday, March 7, 2013


Wow, you guys. 
Thank you SO much for all the kind words on yesterday's post. 
I had today's post (below) drafted and scheduled and then realized that with the stark contrast of the topics, it'd be an awkward transition if I didn't at least address the response to yesterday's post. (blogging- ah iz lernin.) 
I want to say a few more things. 
First, I obviously knew this, but your sweet comments reminded me: sick or healthy, everybody has VERY complex relationships with their parents and other family members. I appreciate so many of you sharing such personal details about your families. It's always nice to have people to identify with. 
Second, I hope (and I don't think it did? but who knows) my post didn't come off in some weird tone of sickness-competitiveness. I don't think M.S. is 'worse' than cancer, by any means.. just that, not many people are familiar with it, so it can feel more isolating at times. They're not sure how to ask about it. If that makes sense. Or what types of things they should even be asking about, if at all.
Not that I didn't know these things, and not like anybody's comments made me feel bad or anything, but I wanted to put it out there, regardless.

Onto perkier topics! 

One year ago today I finally decided to cut the crap, and just start a blog.
I was always waiting for the right time, obsessed about a "niche" and direction for my writing, saying that once we got engaged.. I'd start a blog. After I finished law school, I'd start a blog. Finally one day, after reading dozens of blogs for years, I decided there was no better time then the present, so I actually.. started a blog. THIS blog, that you are reading at this very moment. 
It's my blogaversary!

Tell me I'm not the only one who has an aversion to working the word "blog" into seemingly innocuous nouns, verbs, or adjectives?
It sort of makes me cringe, and yet, what else do you call the anniversary of your blog BESIDES your blogaversary? I just can't NOT, you guys.

Anyyyywayyy, I just wanted to say thank you for following along.
Thank you for leaving SUCH sweet and insightful comments on posts like yesterday's.
Thank you for telling me my latest DIY is adorable (seriously ego-boost, ya'll are too kind).
Thank you for telling me my outfits are cute, sometimes (it makes this oft-insecure-curly-haired-girl feel really good about myself, which is nice)

I'm feeling more comfortable with this space, with my routine, and with my voice. I've really come to love drafting posts, editing photos, and getting such fantastic comments from you guys. I'm content. I guess the same can be said about my life in general, lately. So thank you, for reading about my (boring?) life and growing along with me.

As a thank you, and because I got my tax return back last week, (but seriously) I want to host my first ever little giveaway! I don't have anything purchased yet, (I think that will largely depend on who wins! tailor-made, yo) but I'm going to put together a little package. Think: statement necklace, earrings, a pretty scarf...something along those lines. :)

All you have to do to enter is follow my blog (I assume if you're're following? maybe I'm wrong) and leave a comment. Just one from each of you, please! Mayyybbeee, hmm, tell me what you'd like to see more of on the blog, what are you favorite types of posts? random ramblings? wedding posts? Or what you've enjoyed about past posts? Or just say hi! (lookin' at you, lurkers.) I'll use that random number generator thing to pick a winner. (Once I google it and figure out how to use it.)

Awww hell, bonus entry: email me a LOLcat meme photo. No, I'm not joking. aannnnddd leave a comment telling me you've done so, so I am sure to count you.
What's an LOLcat photo? (the normal people, ask). Here's an example:

I'll go shopping this weekend and pick a winner on monday/simultaneously reveal what you're gettin'

annnndd GO!


  1. Are real life BFF's allowed to enter? Well I am. I like reading about your life, because you're a great writer! I love the cat tails (heh) and wedding posts! xoxo!

  2. I love all your posts! I also love your tweets about working in a law firm! I find you pretty funny! My fav post so far I think was when you posted the video of you telling M you were taking him to Florida! 'WHOOP' fav :)

  3. I totally sent you a cat should do a post on the ones everyone sent you! I had fun looking at them and would love to see other ones people send you!! haha.

  4. Happy Blogaversary! :) :) I love all your posts! It's been so fun getting to know you through your blog and maybe one of these day I can FINALLY meet you in person!

  5. Yay! One year! I love reading your posts. They make me smile.

    1. Happy Blogaversary, Kelly!! :) I love reading your posts and know that I can always get a good laugh. You write just how you talk - which is awesome!

  6. happy blogaversary! i'm so glad i found your blog some months ago and think you're a breath of fresh air in this sometimes stuffy, snobby, petty blog world. my favorite posts are when you share your heart, or just random snark, calling people on their shiz. keepin' it real without being a total stuck-up bitch is hard to come by on these interwebs. ;]

    p.s. you've actually inspired me to start back blogging. so, there's that.

  7. just e-mailed you some kitties. and, i agree with bridget up there about a post with all the LOLs you get. :]

  8. Happy Blogaversary! So exciting! I hope someday I can actually make it to one of the MN blogger get togethers and meet you!

  9. Congrats on the blogoversary!

    I really like the posts of wedding things or the ones with you and Matt. I loved the video for Valentine's day.

    I enjoyed your post yesterday, although I didn't comment on it. It was nice to get to know more about your, and your family.

  10. Congrats on one year! It's pretty crazy how time flies but it's a great way to document you life :) Honestly I like seeing "real" posts, just things about what you did and your life. As much as I appreciate the how-to and beauty stuff bloggers throw out there I find the real stories to be the best :)

  11. I enjoy reading your blog and pretty much never miss a post. Is that too creepy? Whatev, nothing is too creepy in blogland. Congrats o the blogaversary!

  12. Happy Blogoversary! I was so excited to have stumbled upon you just a few months ago and I love the random cat posts and your stories about falling in love with M. And an excuse to look up cat pictures? Umm, yes - I sent you my favorite!

  13. Throwing my name in the hat. No, but for real I've enjoyed getting to know you through your blog AND in real life. Internetz friends for the win. And now I shall go look for an LOL cat to send you :)

  14. I love your blog! Seriously, I've done a few other secret santa type blog things, but have never ended up following whoever i was paired with. But i kinda liked you - you, your blog, your cat, your love for photography, and the honesty & humor in the way you write!

    Just keep being you - that's all i'm hoping to see!

    Now to go find a funny cat thing!

    Happy blogoversary!

  15. I've gotta say, I want to see more vlogs with M. Or surprise vacations. You can totally do that, right?! Just go to Florida every month. ;)

  16. Happy 1 Year!! Mine is coming up soon :) I love your blog. It is quite funny and makes me laugh :)

  17. Happy Blogaversary... not to be confused with Blogadversary! Definitely not the same thing!

  18. Congrats Kelly! I just love your honest, writing style & all of your DIY stuff! Keep up the great work!