Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend happenings and Blogaversary winner

First of all, thank you guys for the sweet comments on my anniversary!
I will say, I'm a bit surprised there were only 24 entries.
We're talkin' free shit here, people,... do you not like free shit?
Whatevs, better odds for those of you who DID enter. We'll get to that at the bottom though.

Onto the weekend.
M was in Austin, TX at SXSW doing hipster-techy things for work, so I had a pretty low key weekend.

Friday night I headed over to one of M's friends' houses, actually, and had pizza with some married friends of ours, and another guy, and watched the high school hockey tournament and the Gopher's hockey games. For those unfamiliar with The Tourney- as it's called here in Minnesota- high school hockey is a HUGE deal in the state. Our professional hockey arena sells out (we're talking 18,000) for the championship game on Saturday night, and the 4-day attendance usually hits over 100,000. It's fun to watch because you inevitably recognize a lot of the guys on college teams within a year or two, and then often in the pros. If there's one thing MN does well, it's breed hockey players.

Saturday I bummed around the house. A lot. Woke up slow and enjoyed a grapefruit for breakfast

Snuggled with my buddy, obviously. 

I treated myself to lunch at Noodles & Co. ("you could make the buttered noodles & parmesan at home" you may be saying. NO, no you cannot. There's something in those damn noodles that makes them irresistible). 

Patrolled the neighborhood for hooligans.
Or... just squirrels.
and mostly it was just TJ. 

I spent the rest of the night watching tv and making escort cards.
Am I aware that we have 7 months until the wedding? Yep.
Instead of waiting for RSVP's to roll in, and making them at the last minute, I'd much rather make 30 extra and then pull them out of the stack as people decline. Yes, I'm an epic Type-A.
I've been meaning to take some photos of them and do a post on it, so I'll have to get around to that.

Sunday I slept in, again (this time I blame Daylight Savings) and then met my friend Molly at the most adorable little restaurant in Uptown.

it was delicious, and I loved chatting.
I hung around Calhoun Square (for you non MN's.. it's a shopping/restaurant area) and got 2 dresses at Francesca's. We have a wedding in April and it was buy one get one 50% off, so I couldn't NOT..annnnddd I got the giveaway gift!

I got an email at brunch confirming M's dad would be staying with us for a while, until he finds an apartment. He got a job down here in St. Paul (he lives in Moorhead right now) and I know M is very excited to have his dad around on a more regular basis.
SO, I've been advising on "where not to live" in STP, since I grew up there. We want to make sure he takes his time and finds the perfect spot, so we've told him he can stay with us as long as he needs. His job starts this Wednesday!
Sooo in anticipation, I tidied up the downstairs guest room (since he usually stays upstairs, but my closet is in that room, so we figured it'd be easier to put him downstairs for a slightly longer stay than usual). This of course meant I needed to buy a new duvet cover, some closet organization stuff, and towels for him. 

 (kind of an inside joke, I hope he gets a kick out of it)

The sign's temporary home until the wedding :)

Target had some Michael Grave's closet organization stuff on sale, so I grabbed the shelves and the hanging 2nd bar.  Once he finds an apartment, I think I will be adopting the hangy bar. It's awesome.

annddd finally, we have the giveaway winner! I bought a spring-y scarf and earrings at Francesca's for you. Hope you like them!

and I used the random number generator to determine a winner: 
aaand the winner is:

No freakin' joke.
I say this because we are in fact, real life, very good friends. haha. I hope ya'll don't think I rigged this, swear on baby-TJ that I didn't. I was actually really surprised a "1" popped up in the number thing, it's never the first or last number! Anyway, Leah, haha, I'll bring it over tonight when we watch the Bachelor.

I might owe you guys another giveaway... haha. Actually, to be honest, a lot of you who commented I have met in real life also, and I consider us friends :)

As requested, here are some of the LOLcat entries from the giveaway:

And if you click one outside link from this blog, let it be this GIF that Melissa sent me. I died.

That's it for this Monday.
If ya'll liked my emo post about my family, you'll love my emo "friendship" post I have drafted. We'll see if I'm feelin' it this week. It'll get published.. it's just a matter of when. :)

Hope you all had a good weekend!



  1. Looks like a great weekend...yeah for Edina Hockey! WHOOP! :) I LOVE Barbette and of course am majorly craving Noodles now!

  2. LOVE the buttered noodles!! I could eat them everyday! Yum! (I loved seeing a picture of them!) Ha - i'm craving them now too!

  3. You are totally in the right here! They have a special seasoning they put on the noodles! The guy at my local store once asked me if I wanted it or not and I stared at him and asked "is that the crack you put on top?" He was amused. My parents, the respectable community citizens they are, were not.

  4. Oh! Those noodles look uber good! :)

  5. Sounds like such a fun weekend! :)

  6. Barbette is awesome. Glad you liked it!

  7. Sad day I didn't win! Glad you shared the dancing cat gif with the world. Never gets old....never :)