Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wedding DIY: table numbers (Saw it, Pinned it, Did it edition)

I'm linking up with Steph and Katie for their "Saw it, Pinned it, Did it" linkup! 

Surprise surprise, it's wedding related! 
I haven't been back to home depot to get the plumbing supplies I need for the home decor related project, but this weekend M and I are tackling a room redo, SO, maybe I'll have something to share next week that's non wedding related. For now, deal with it. :)

My "pinspiration" came from these 2 pins: 


As I'm sure you've noticed (or maybe not, if you're hopping over from the linkup) I don't really have a set color scheme for the wedding. 

I know myself, and knew if I limited it, and then saw things that didn't "fit" it'd stress me out. SO I'm just going with a soft, kind of vintage feel. Lots of creams, whites, tans, burlap, lace here and there, twine, black lanterns, floating candles with submerged flowers,.... can you picture it?! good. 

SO, my initial thought for these pins was to make matching escort cards (not pitched ones, like you see below, just business card style) and table numbers. 

Long story short, I didn't like the way the escort cards were looking, and I'd have to hand write all the names. I HATE my handwriting. I think it looks like a child's. SO I'll just print those on card stock and use what I've dubbed our "wedding fonts" 

I DID go ahead with the table numbers, and love them. 

I got 2 packages of cardstock from Michaels for $5 a piece, and a pack of paper doilies from the Martha Stewart line for $4. I had the glue and paint. 

I cut down the cream cardstock and used the white cardstock to back it with a glue stick, so there was a border. I then cut the paper doilies in half to make better use out of them, AND because I liked the way it looked like it was coming off the page. I typed out all the numbers in a font I liked on the computer, and then replicated them lightly in pencil, which is where I took my first photo! (woops)

We had the quart of black paint from the bathroom vanity redo, so I just used that. 

I then hand painted all the numbers, adding some "thickness" in certain spots (like the curve of the 2 and 3).

In an ironic turn of events since the vlog, (in which I said M wasn't doing any 'crafts') I got M to help with the "stands" we'll be using to hold the table numbers up. Turns out all you have to say to a guy is "exacto knife" and they're on board.

and even let you take photos.....

(photobombing cat in the background)
Well, my original plan was to cut the wine corks in half (we had them leftover in bulk from a cork board project this summer) and then cut a slit to slide the numbers in. BUT the corks were too light, and the 2 layers of paper plus the doilie plus the paint apparently made the numbers heavy enough to tip over. 

SO, we changed it up, and glued 2 corks side by side on a tiny piece of cardstock so we could then slide the numbers between them.

Here's the finished product!

We need to make 20 more of the "stands" but I ran out of hot glue. 

M had brought out the rug from the laundry room to cut the cork on. TJ's favorite game to play is "pretend there's something underneath the rug and DESTROY IT." which, of course, makes a kitty sleepy. 

 "mine." -TJ

So, that's it for today! Hop on over to the linkup and check out other Pinterest inspired posts! 


  1. They're so cute!! :) I love how "excited" M looks to be helping. HAHAHAHA

  2. Awww!! haahha I love the photobombing animals and your craft...duh! It's perfect!! :)

    Thanks for linking up with us girly!

  3. Love these! We didn't have table numbers (or assigned seating, for that matter) but I love how cute and feminine these are!!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us this week!! xoxo

  4. good job!! did you see my recent post of my friends wedding? she went with the same idea you have