Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Q & A

Well, it started off as a joke on the last post, but after emailing M and telling him he was going to guest vlog (and then explaining what a vlog was), he seems to have reluctantly agreed to do so!

actually, this is what he said: 

Sooooo there's that. 

I assured him you guys weren't going to go all therapist's couch on him,. but it'd likely be "fluffier" stuff. He's also a wee bit concerned that, well, nobody "cares" or will ask questions of him. (perhaps worse?)

Here's where YOU come in! 

1. What questions do you have for M?! 

Feel free to ask anything, and obviously if he thinks it's too personal or whatever, he'll pass, but I'm assuming you will be just fine ;-)

2. What questions do you have for ME?!

This is a 2-fer-1 guys. Since only 10-15 of you comment on the reg (ahem...lurkerpants....) I figure opening it up to both of us may produce a respectable length blog. Plus, M won't feel like he's so much in the hot seat, then. 

It can be absolutely anything. 
Like, why do you talk about your cat so much? (OMG GUYS, TJ can even guest star. Oh this is going to be good)...
ooooorrrrr, are you really as "sweet" as you seem on your blog (HAHA)

but seriously, anything. 

3. What questions do you have for M about ME?!
That one could get interesting. I'm sure he'd love to oblige. 

SO, you have from now through Friday to ask ask ask!  I'm going to try to corner M Saturday at some point and get him to film this thing, and then post it by Monday. 

ready, set, GO.    

Oh, and P.s. GO VOTE today. that's all I will be saying about that.  


  1. This is probably on your blog somewhere so shame on me for not stalking enough....but where is your wedding venue? You don't have to give an address or anything. Ha! Also, what role has Matt played in this whole wedding planning business? Aaaaand....what are Matt's thoughts on you blogging in general?

  2. LOVE THIS!! :)

    What is the most "cat lady" thing you've ever done?
    Is M as much of a "cat guy" as you are a "cat lady"?
    What is your favorite memory of you and M?
    What is M's favorite memory of you guys?
    What is the most important part of the wedding planning process for M?
    Does M like burlap as much as you?
    What thing are both of you looking most forward to about being married?

    I think that's all I got. I'll let you know if I come up with more. HAHAHAHA

  3. This sounds like it will be fun :)! I hope TJ does make an appearance!

    During your BAR studying days, how much time did you guys get to spend together when you were not studying?
    Have you guys planned your honey moon yet?
    When did M know you were "the one"?

  4. I can't wait for this.

    Why did M join Match.com?
    What does he think about your friends?
    When is M going to start tweeting?

  5. this is so cute! my only question is where in the hell has M been tailgating all season and why in the hell doesn't kelly join him? :)

  6. I can't think of any questions for you at the moment, but I'd love to hear what meeting you on Match was like from HIS perspective. That would be super fun :)

  7. what is your favorite thing to do together? what do you love most about M?

  8. first of all-TJ needs to be in the vlog.

    and a question for you guys--each of you describe your favorite thing and most annoying thing about eachother!