Thursday, May 17, 2012

We set the date!

After what feels like an eternity, but was really only 5 and a half weeks, M and I have set the date!

October 5, 2013

Weird to actually think we have a fixed point to work around. Was October our "ideal" month? No. M wanted June or September as top choices, July and August were 3rd and 4th.. we really hadn't even considered October, but when the one church in town with a 3:00 ceremony that you don't have to be members at (but must be an alum/family alum) has 4 openings between April and October (2 in April, 2 in October),... you work with what you have! We figured, MN weather in April is just as big a crapshoot as MN weather in October OR July for that matter. It could be snowing in April or October, and it could be storming in July. Besides, we're having everything indoors anyway (except cocktail hour, but it's under a covered patio) AND the first week in October is the BEST for fall colors. The trees all look like they're on fire. It's beautiful.

SO without further adieu, here is the church:
Really, it was the only church that worked with the times we wanted to have events, so it's an incredible perk that it just so happens to be BEAUTIFUL. Yes, this is a college campus chapel. The lawns out front (the "quad" if you will, at the University of St. Thomas) are perfectly manicured, as well. It's really amazing.
 The inside. :) The neurotic home decorator in me LOVES the blend of old school wooden pews, with the more modern looking white trimmed pillars and light yellow paint. I really don't think we need to do an ounce of decorating for the ceremony. Just let the church speak for itself.

I lurve it. It's so clean looking! OMG I need to stop gushing, but every time I look at it I squeal. I foresee many a drive-by in my future.

Next, guests will drive over to Como where they will have cocktail hour next to the flamingo and duck pond:

 It actually just occurred to me that the little guys may be hibernating by October... either way, it's a beautiful area, and all the foliage and water will still be there.

At 6:30, guests will go inside to the Covered Porch, overlooking the reflection pond where we will have a plated dinner. Again, beautiful room. I love the stone wall with uplighting. In our venue search I was looking for rooms that largely could stand on their own in terms of beauty. Even with these smaller centerpieces, the room looks phenomenal. (Fun fact: I'm wanting to do something very similar to this first centerpieces in the foreground: submerged sticks/silk flowers and a floating candle!)
 The view from outside. We'll also have a grassy area in front of this reflection pond with tables and chairs set up.
 AND as an added bonus, we get to rent the "bonsai lobby" and the "ferns of the world" rooms. The bonsai lobby, which I didn't even pay attention to when we toured, has a bunch of little bonsai trees in glass cases. Mostly, it'll be where we stick a bartender and/or our DJ- I'm still unsure about that. On one hand we can close the doors off so people can still talk in the main reception area, and nobody has to give up a table for the dance. On the other hand, I fear if the dance isn't in the "middle of everything" people may be less inclined to dance. We'll see. That was random. Anyway, we also get this room:
 There's a path that weaves all around the room as well as benches, and people can walk through here all night with drinks and food! SO even if it is a rainy garbage MN fall day, we get the "outdoor element" INDOORS. Best of both worlds, really.

The paranoid Type-A in me is having a mild-heart attack announcing we have the date already. Mostly because we've "reserved" the dates at both venues but haven't paid the deposits or signed the contracts. (Check is in the mail for one, and the contract is coming today for the other) and I know this is a formality and these dates ARE being reserved for us, but I have this fear that the woman at Como thought I said 2012 or something.. even though October 5 doesn't fall on a Saturday in 2012.. I'm just nuts, really.

So that's that! Very excited to start looking at photographers and DJs and crafting, now that I have a date to put on things! I must be getting back to my BFF today: the copy machine. [srsly. lawyers waste more paper than every other profession combined. I swear. One of the partners is in the middle of filing an appeal and he asked me to make a copy of EVERY motion filed in the case by any party- there are 4- put them in chronological order, and then create a spreadsheet of them with the page count. fun. The stack of copies will be no les than 3 feet tall when it's over. Closer to 4 probably. woof.]



  1. Ahhh, this must feel so exciting to set the date!! Love the venue choice too, SO pretty. Minnesota will look awesome in October :-D

  2. Congratulations! That is SO exciting and everything looks GORGEOUS!




    Excited. So glad it all worked out!!!!

  4. Congrats on picking a date!! and the church is gorgeous

  5. I am getting just SO excited for your big day!!!