Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

I have to start this post by saying I took absolutely zero photos on Mother's day. That'll happen though when it's your first time having your entire family over for a holiday and you're running around trying to get ready because they showed up 15 minutes early (in true form). Alas, thankfully my cousin Mark is a PHENOMENAL photographer (and is the photographer for the student newspaper over at Hamline where he goes to college), so I jacked these from his FB page. I take zero credit, but man did he sure make our humble little gathering look elegant!
He even took a snazzy picture of the front of our house in all its springtime glory. :-D

As I sit here in my office (procrastinating that pesky research) I will say my heart is so full (super cheesy line I would never ordinarily use...). This weekend was filled with law school friends on Saturday night, celebrating the fact that we made it through 3 years with (most) our sanity in tact. Sunday was spent with my mom's side of the family, as well as M's mom and step-dad. It made me SO happy seeing how perfectly they all got along, and how well M and his family fit in with mine. It's something that could be easily taken for granted, and I've heard the horror in-law stories, so to see everybody mingling and chatting (something NOBODY on this side of the family has any difficulty doing) was heartwarming. Makes me even more excited for our post-graduation dinner, which will contain a lot of these family members, M's mom and step-dad, as well as many others. (my dad CANNOT. stop. inviting people. Srsly. It went from 8 people at dinner who were coming to the ceremony to 27. I don't even know.)

NOW onto the photos!

 My uncle Tom and my littlest cousin Mitch on the steps.
 Max, Mitch's brother, says "talk to the hand."
 Max again!
 Pie. ohhhh the pie.
 M enjoying some pie. (There's a significantly less flattering photo of him with a mouthful of pie and sleepy eyes, but I chose this one. Don't say I never did anything nice for you, M.. ;-) ...)
 My little (bigger) brother. Have I mentioned I have a brother? Well yes. This is him. He's 21, graduating from college in December.

 This is Grandma Esther. She is in her 70s and dresses better than I do. It's embarassing, really. (Me not being able to dress myself, not her). Her husband was the grandpa that practiced law (that I mentioned in my Office Tour post) that passed away last February.
 Aunt Marie trying to feed Mitch.
annndd Grandma feeding Mitch. Both he and Max were more interested in screaming at the kitty who would pop into that window in the background. He was chilling in the office most the day. Between the food and the open doors he'd either have wound up eating everything in sight or escaping. Little guy was BEAT last night after visiting with so many people.

ANNDD yes, I am the world's worst daughter and took no photos of my own mom. AH, actually I do have one I took for the Instagram prompt "Day 13: mum" but forgot to email it to myself. Alas, mom was there and had a great time :)

That's it for now! Hoping to hear back from the church coordinator today so we can SET A DATE finally. oof. Hope you all had a great weekend as well!


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  1. love. when did stephen become such a grown up, geesh.