Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's Letters


I figured this would be as good a way as ever to prompt my ass to write. SO I'm hopping on the bandwagon!

Dear Friday, hello, sexy. I've been waiting for you.

Dear Stomach, I hear you, man. But it's only 10:00. This is not a socially acceptable lunch hour. Can we wait until at LEAST 11:45?

Dear work, OY. so many motions. Why do you always get busy right before I'm out of the office? Also, ARE you going to hire me on after I take the bar? please? I'll stand on a street corner with a sign if that's what it takes to bring in my own clients. Srsly, though.

Dear metro area attorneys, I have many skillz. I am totally employable. Hire me please? I'm cute, I'm little, I don't take up much space, oh and as drunk-Cathy from SATC Movie said "and I can type like a MUTHAFUCKA," (and I have a lot of debt and OMGINEEDAJOBLIKESTAT)

Dear Como Lady, remember that one time you said you'd email me the contract? yesterday? lies. Would it pain you to email it to me today? pleez? thanks?

Dear TJ, sorry we haven't in any good snuggles lately. Momma's been busy. TONIGHT, I promise. (why yes TJ, I AM a crazy cat lady!)


  1. hah i love your friday greeting "hello, sexy" so accurate. found you via the link up :)

  2. hey girly! i saw you over on ashleys page! {newlyweds} and wanted to say i love your blog!

    lovely letters as well! and am now your newest bloggy friend/follower/stalker ;)

    say hi back sometime? <3

  3. Friday is pretty sexy!
    Good luck on the job search!

    Saw you on Ashley's link up.

  4. I think you need a photo of TJ on the blog ;-) I need to see this adorable kitty. Have a great weekend!!

  5. I have a snack every day at 10am! your body needs it to keep your metabolism going! try a handful of almonds, half an avocado or a yogurt! :) loved your letters! thanks for linking up with me!