Sunday, June 24, 2012

The weekend and a reveal

 Turns out when my blog is pretty, I suddenly have more motivation to bring out my "nice" camera. A.k.a. NOT my cell phone. 

Friday, well, ya'll know what I was up to Friday with my vino and blog design.

(You'll have to keep reading to find out what Saturday entailed)

Today, Sunday, we went to the first birthday party of a friend of ours' son. Let me tell you, I am nowhere near ready for babies, but my goodness is there something adorable about watching a hoard of small children interact. "Normal" activities suddenly become...strange. Behold:

1. Splish splashing in a bird bath. A little normal, maybe?
2. Until someone gets thirsty.
3. and thennnnn it's monkey see, monkey do.
 The birthday boy, Erik!
 As you can see, he REALLY enjoyed his "fruit pie" cake. Looks like a bloodbath. 
Below, we have "blueberry mousse" for le hair. I know it looks like he cracked his head open and is bleeding, but I swear it's mashed up blueberries.
 and thennnnn, errybody got NAKED. 

Just kidding, just the babes. I said this could definitely have been a Huggies or Pampers commercial. So many round little bellies!

After the party, we came home and I napped for about 40 minutes before heading to my parent's house. My dad had planned a fish fry to cook up their catch from Canada a few weeks ago. I snapped a few pics of my dad's backyard. It's his pride and joy, and it feels a bit like you're in the secret garden, if I do say so myself.

We relaxed out on the patio, and I even tried fish! No, I do not care for fish. I think there may have been a traumatic incident with a fish stick as a child, because I used to eat them all the time. 
M and I in front of my dad's.

And last, but not least, here's "Saturday":  
M's mom bought this crusty old trunk at an estate sale for $3! I've always had a thing for trunks, and wanted one as a coffee table... so when she offered it to us we couldn't very well say no! 

M tore out all the blue and white fabric on the interior, which smelled like grannies and mothballs. From there, he primed the entire thing white, and painted it a light green/tan color I had picked out at Home Depot (He's the manual labor, I'm the eye for design. Well, that's a lie, I do help out on the labor too, but I've got more of the style-eye). 

After that dried we taped off ALL the accents so we could paint it a light cream color. I had googled "painted trunks" to find a color combination we liked. We knew, since it had been painted previously, we would never get it to look 100% "authentic" and old, so we embraced the paint/modern nature of the colors we chose. 

We sponged on the hardware, let that dry, and then M covered it all with the polyeurethane. 

And here she is!

 She lives in the living room as our new coffee table.
 I'll admit, I've been struggling a TEENY bit with the size/scale of it.  Our old coffee table was an IKEA one with a shelf, so it's an adjustment. Also, the couch we have now (crusty old white leather one M's had for YEARS, that we have a slip cover on) has a low profile, which just makes it look bigger. I think once we get a new couch (soon, hopefully....maybe...) that is a bit taller and more modern, the whole look will come together even better.

But for now, I like her. She has character.
 While we waited for the poly to dry to bring it inside, I had a photoshoot with TJ.
 So handsome. So serious. So seksy. 

That ball of blue fur is his new toy. It's got a rattle ball attached by a string to the fuzzy monstrosity you see in the photo. He loves carrying it around and playing fetch. Yes, I have a cat-dog.
 That's it for the weekend recap and trunk reveal! Kind of bummed that I had to work on a memo for work for 2 hours, and now as I finish writing this it's 10 p.m., and POOF..there goes Sunday. Alas... Hope everyone had a good weekend! 



  1. It turned out awesome!! ANd I love your rug- where is it from?? Cute!

  2. Hey! Couldn't find your email Brielle on your blog, and I couldn't reply via my email because you don't have it linked- so hopefully you see this!? haha, the rug is IKEA! It was like, $40. May have to switch it up soon since it's gotten a bit trampled, but it has been a good filler for a long time!

  3. Love the new look! And it looks like you had a FUN weekend :-D Love the new trunk! Oh, and if I didn't know better, I would think that my Miller was in all of your TJ photos ;-) They just look so much alike!

  4. love love love! I think Jack and TJ need a play date ;)

  5. I love trunks as coffee tables!!! I saw one at an antique store a couple months ago, and it took all my will power to not buy it. I love the colors you chose too. SO cute!!

    The kids drinking from the bird bath... there are no words. Priceless. HAHA