Monday, June 4, 2012

Update on my sanity

Well.. It's Monday and I survived the weekend with the 2 terrors. I went to watch my friend run the Minneapolis half marathon Sunday morning, stopped for a solo lunch at Noodles and wrote out my grocery list (they're across the parking lot from one another). Upon my return around noon, I decided to partake in an experiment. I let Lucky out of his room, only this time, after freaking out that they were trying to kill each other and not playing at all, I let them go at it. For HOURS. TJ took great pleasure in stalking Lucky, jumping on his back, and nipping his neck/ears. Joke is on TJ though because Lucky is twice his size and when Lucky ACTUALLY had enough, he'd let TJ know.

After about 5 or 6 hours of that, they seemed to reach an understanding. They could be in the same room without wanting to fight/play, and even co-existed peacefully on occasion! Behold, progress:

 TJ even calmed down enough to enjoy one of his favorite weekend activities: sitting in the nook of my arm while I use the computer, read, or in this case.. work on flashcards for barbri.
 He's so freaking adorable. I think Lucky was hiding downstairs. I think TJ forgot for a little while Lucky was even there.. or maybe he really is just relaxing to the idea.

such a sweetie..
 Mutually distracting activities, such as swinging at bugs through the screen of an open window, also serves as a good "babysitter" for these 2.

All in all, I think we're going to survive, guys.

I do sincerely hope that when I go home after work to feed them one hasn't killed the other one. That'd be bad.



  1. One of my friends ran the 1/2 marathon too! What a beautiful morning :-)

    Apparently TJ just needed to know that Lucky wasn't going to infringe on his lounging time with you, haha! Glad they're getting along better now!

  2. The Noodles at West End? I do solo lunches there often! :)

  3. Random question, where did you get that chair? I love it!