Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beautifying the interwebz

Guys. I need help.
I'd be lying if I said one of the reasons I waited SO long to start a blog is because I didn't want my blog to be ugly.

Hi, I'm shallow.

But really, pretty things are aesthetically pleasing, and I'm a design nut (if you saw my house, you'd understand.. it looks like Pinterest threw up in my living room) and I know NOTHING (or remember nothing of my one 'computer' class I took) about photoshop. Point being, I'm pretty happy with the grey and white polkadot plain background.. but my header. Hevens help me. That was a pathetic attempt in MS Paint at editing an image I stole off the internet found online (you NEVER know when the ethics people are reading). I reaaallyyyy like Erin's design. (go on, go look!) and Katie's too. Now, this is NOT to say I don't like any of your, dear readers' designs. Don't go there. These were just the first 2 that popped into my head for the "feel" I want. For now, I like just words... maybe until I pay someone $$ to take snazzy photos of me looking cute (oh hi, engagement photos/wedding photos). Something clean, simple, but stylistically fun with maybe some different fonts for different words -- like in Erin's how the "is" is varied. Get it?

Any of you have tips on where or how I can go about doing this? Do I have to farm it out to someone else? do you know someone lovely who would do this for minimal $$s?

OOH, one other question- those little bars below the banner that say things like "About, Contact, Our Wedding" yadda yadda. I LOVE those on other people's blogs.. because I'm a wedding creeper. And it's easy to get a quick summary about someone without clicking on the word bubble for different subjects. How do ya'll do that!?

My shabby little blog, and I, thank you ahead of time.



  1. Okay, I can help :-) and are two awesome websites for making simple headers! GO check them out if you haven't before.

    Also, with the bars... Are you using the new Template Designer for Blogger? It should be SUPER easy for you to add the buttons.

    Email me back if you want help. Apparently I'm looking for excuses to procrastinate this thing called work ;-)

  2. I suck at all things computer related so I can't be of any help. Sorry.

  3. I did mine by lots of googling and trial and error.

  4. I make my banners in Picasa (i originally used this tutorial: and the sidebar stuff you can do in blogger under Layout and then "add a gadget." Good luck!