Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm weird. No, REALLY.

So.. I'm slowly starting to realize if I just post about my weekends, or food, or DIY, or wedding there will not be another post until July.. because studying for the bar exam has stolen my SOUL. SO I'm taking 10 minutes out of dominating this research memo on defense and indemnification clauses (be jealous of my lifeee) to do a random post, after thinking about it, and seeing Kristin do something similar once...about just how weird, I actually am. Here's hoping you people stick around after this post.

1. When I get really excited, anxious, nervous, mad...basically any emotion with too much "oomph".. I do what M has started referring to as a "clench".. to release said emotion, my whole body gets really tight, usually I smile, but it's like a gritted teeth, super clenchy, forced/scary smile. It's actually impossible to describe, you just have to see me do it, but sometimes when M's pumping gas and I do one I'll look up and he'll be staring in my window and he caught me and he says "WOW that was a big one!"

2. I talk in LOLcat, far more than is humanly necessary.. sometimes to myself. I'll get in the elevator at the end of the day and say "Ah haz a sweepy." out loud. I hope there are no cameras in there otherwise someone is laughing at my expense daily on a closed circuit TV somewhere

3. Speaking of elevators.. sometimes I just flail around in the elevator at work. I stomp, dance, or have angry conversations with people by myself that I wish I would've had to their face. Example, "oh yeah, you're in SUCH a fucking hurry aren't you.. HAD to zip up past me at the light! asshole." because sometimes thinking them in your head is just.not.enough.

4. My "noises".. I squeak, yelp, hum, make sing-songy noises...ALL.the.time... sometimes the cat isn't even around to blame for them.

5.  Sometimes when M is downstairs watching his shows and I'm upstairs, we'll send each other ridiculous photos. The best part is, there's no door to the basement so I can hear the giggles from downstairs when he's super proud of them, or when he gets mine and it's particularly frightening. (you know how some people still look "cute" when making funny faces? I am not one of them. They're actually just scary.) 
 (the bigger the eyes, the more frightening...yes?)
 Lets not forget the time I pulled my ponytail over my forehead, took the time to bobbypin it to my head so that it looked like I had bangs, used my phone to "style" my fake bangs, and then sent photos like this, to M and my friends:
 Charity silent auction for church? doesn't even matter. NEVER a bad time to put that lizard tongue on display.
 At M's old apartment, he left me to work for the day (back when I just had school)
annnddd I've saved the best for last. Sometimes I still send this photo to M randomly, to scare him. This was in response to some bizarre photo he sent me, but I think the half-face, crossed-eyes, toothless black hole mouth, combined with the scrunchy face REALLY make this one what it is:
 an absolute gem.

TGIT, people.



  1. Hahahahaha!! I talk in LOL Cat sometimes too ;-D And OF COURSE you know that I'm just as big of cat lady as you are. I make noises too. In my opinion, not a WHOLE lot but Greg loves them ;-) Love your crazy photos!

  2. I can't be in your wedding anymore. Not after seeing those faces. Sorry.

  3. love those funny faces of you. gotta keep life entertaining!!

  4. you *are* really weird, but this is why I love you.