Monday, October 21, 2013


Monday morning, and an actual recap as promised!
Unfortunately, this will be devoid of much content since Friday and Sunday were spent doing the same thing: having a Walking Dead marathon. I should know M's MO by now- decide he wants to watch a show on Netflix, I resist, something happens where he winds up watching it on the big TV in the basement while I do other things on the computer, and next thing I know I'm telling him to "REWIND IT, what did she just say!?".. closing the computer, and then 7 hours later we're crawling into bed last night after having cashed 75% of season 3. O_O.
BUT Saturday we weren't totally worthless!
Saturday M and I piled in the new whip and drove 3 hours northwest to the tiny town of Perham, MN for a friend of ours' wedding. Shannon actually used to date one of M's friends back in the day, and then when they broke up, we kept her. A few years ago she met a law student from the U of M while he was bartending at Zorbaz in Perham. 2 years later, here we are at their wedding!
I don't think shannon knows I blog, but even if she did- I'd tell her the same thing I'm about to say: usually I'm a wedding snob when it comes to windowless event halls. I understand that's all some people can afford, or have in the area, but they usually need a little something extra to make them shine in that case... and holy cow did this hall SHINE. She had twinkle lights draped all over the ceiling, and over the dance floor the most incredible setup I've ever seen: 

This is without a doubt something I would've done if we were in a different venue.. or heck if I could've afforded it, strung up a few of them from an outdoor tent. I love chandeliers.

They had a live band, who apparently is known in the Fargo/Moorhead area, called October Road play. They did a lot of country but some other songs as well and my feet were in PAIN by the end of the night from dancing.  

Funny side note: I packed the above dress (that I wore at my rehearsal dinner) for the wedding and we hit the road. About 40 minutes out of town I'm browsing Instagram and see a friend of mine, who was also a bridesmaid, post a photo from the rehearsal the night before with the bride, Shannon, wearing the EXACT same dress! How ironic, not only that we had the same dress, but both wore it to our same event!

So that's my short weekend recap. Unless you want play by plays of Walking Dead in which case I'd be happy to oblige. I resisted on the theory that.. well.. zombies. Really. But honestly it's not about the zombies so much. It's about this group of people and how they survive the threat posed by the zombies. I will say: it's a good show. It is. But, after watching Breaking Bad, which I believe is one of the most well done shows EVER to exist on TV, everything else pales in comparison.

Still no word of when the wedding photos will be returned... so.. stay tuned. Wah.


  1. Jason and I are OBSESSED with Walking Dead! We rolled through the first 3 seasons on Netflix in a time I'd care not admit. Shannon's dress is gorgeous, what a beauteous bride.

    1. Haven't seen Walking Dead!! Still trying to get through a few other Netflix shows. Funny story - we were watching something the other night and Adam mentioned to Alexa that 'back when mommy and daddy were your age" we had to watch ALL the commercials, because we didn't have the option to fast forward them. She was completely appalled! Like, could not believe that we even lived through having to watch commercials. HOORAY FOR NETFLIX and marathon watching!!

      Beautiful bride...such a gorgeous dress!

  2. Great to hear the you are liking Walking Dead- it's next on my list. I'm on season 2 of Breaking Bad and I'm hooked!

  3. how caught up are you on the walking dead??

  4. Love the dress you wore, so pretty!