Sunday, October 13, 2013


Mic check... one..two...testing.

HOLA, I'm back! and I'm married! (WAHH!!!)

I had every intention of posting again before last Saturday, but clearly that never happened. I'm here now though, and while I want to wait to start the official wedding recaps until I get our professional photos back (I always used to find this so annoying..when others did it... but let's be honest. I paid the nice lady a lot of money for pretty pictures, so I'm waiting for the pretty pictures. :) ).

In the meantime, I've come to provide you a sneak peak, and a short list of things I learned in the last week. Ready? Here we go:

1.) If you invite a sloth to your wedding, he WILL delay your first dances and inevitably steal the show. Especially when his name is Stefano.

2.) I will never be able to thank these 3 enough. I walked into the reception space and could not have imagined it any more perfectly. They went above and beyond and that aspect of the wedding was just flawless. 

3.) The "zipper merge" does NOT exist in Mexico. In fact, driving on the shoulder to avoid merging at all, is apparently totally acceptable. Also, terrifying.

4.) I'm way more of a drinker than previously thought..especially when the drinks are blended, free, and available at any time of the day. 

5.) That no matter how generous you are.. (uhh free meal, free beer/wine all night), people will find something to whine about. I.e. "my table is at the very end" and/or "the couple didn't talk to everyone, or come around to the tables".... yes, these things were actually told to me, through my dad. Srsly.

6.) That when wearing a wedding dress, using the restroom will be a group effort..and you'll get more acquainted with your sister-in-law, and MOH, than you ever previously expected. 

6a.) That it will still be a perfect night even if (and this may be TMI) "aunt flo" shows up, unexpectedly, right before dinner... which requires you to get even further acquainted with your sister-in-law... who will have to run to the car and drive to target for tampons and underwear and still make it back before dinner. #holla

They always tell you that your wedding day will go by SO fast, and I nodded my head and swore I'd remember every second. But it's true, it goes by so fast. It was both the longest (as I was experiencing it..soaking it all in), and the fastest, day of my life. I want to really be as detailed as possible with my recaps, because this is the only place I have to remember all the things that photos haven't captured.

So, be patient with me, it may be long and detailed and drawn out.. but I don't want to forget a second of the day.

Some bonus photos:
{first dance}
{reading my card from Matt}


  1. Congratulations lady!! You looked gorgeous. Looking forward to hearing all the details :)

  2. Looks beautiful! And I'm glad that you have such an awesome SIL! :)

  3. Thank you for the sweet words. We'd do it all over again if we had to. I am more than confident we won't have to, though. You and M foreverrrrr. Looking forward to catching up with you. The three of us group chatted throughout the week, but it wasn't the same without some Kelly quips. :)

    1. Y'all can come to Washington (or wherever I am when I get married) to help me anytime. Shooooot.

  4. Congratulations, Kelly!! You look stunning!! Can't wait to hear more details and see the pics!

  5. Congrats! I can't wait to read more. And just so you know, I don't think the zipper merge exists outside of the Midwest. I've lived in Hawaii and South Carolina and no one does the things that I took for granted in Illinois, such as the zipper merge, using the left lane as a passing lane, turn signals, etc etc etc. It's insane. I miss Midwest drivers.

  6. Congrats girl!! You look gorgeous!! And a sloth at your wedding? So awesome. My husband would be jealous.

  7. 1) You made a beautiful bride! Just as I guessed ya would. 2) I've always wondered what happens to women who get "aunt flo" right before their wedding! You never hear that happening. Thanks for keeping it real. 3) Can't wait for recaps!!

  8. Can't wait to read more! I loved stalking everyone's Instagrams all night (that's why you REALLY invited them, right?) :)

  9. CONGRATS! I can't wait to see more photos, you looked beautiful times a million!

  10. I am literally obsessed. I cannot wait to read recaps!! <3

  11. Ok, so I'm not the only one who had shocking period issues on the night of their wedding? OH MY GOD, I can't believe you posted this, because I've been SO ANXIOUS about this aspect of our wedding. I just can't get over it.

    Ok, I'm over it, but for a while I was convinced I was dying. Like, for the whole honeymoon.

    Sarah out.

  12. YAY congrats girlie! Love the pictures and you look gorgeous! Welcome to the married club, it's the best! I am a newlywed of one month weeeeeeeeee

  13. Congratulations! You looked SOOOO gorgeous!! Can't wait for the recaps!!