Monday, February 11, 2013

Wedding Upates and Snowmageddon Round 2: A Weekend Recap

Monday, we meet again. 
Actually from where I type this (Sunday) I'm secretly hoping for an adult snow day. It's been coming down pretty substantially all day, foiling plans we had to go to my parents' house for an early birthday dinner for moi. Wah. 

This weekend was pretty nondescript, although we did knock a few wedding related items off the checklist!

Let's back up, Friday night we went to a dive bar over by the U of M for one of M's friends' birthday. We ate wings, I drank sprite, I snuggled on our friend's baby (you have a babyyyyy! in a barrrr!? anyone?) and then safely carted home le tipsy, M. I took no photos.

Saturday we woke up, drank our coffee, and then set out to get M's dudes taken care of in the way of suits. Since (apparently, I know nothing of men's fashion costs) renting a tux costs about as much as buying a nice suit these days, M is opting to have the guys buy a suit. That way, when all is said and done, at least they get to walk away with a nice new suit! 

This is what he settled on:

It looks a bit grey in the picture but rest assured, it's black.
We're going through Men's Warehouse, and the style is Pronto Uomo. They offer bridal parties 50% off, so, he's getting a pretty nice suit for half the cost. Also, he's going to chip in for some of the cost for the guys as his gift to them.

We're going to be pairing the suits with white shirts and black ties.
We've been discussing the possibility of M having some kind of subtly distinctive tie.
We're also going to slap in a crisp white pocket square to class up the whole look. 

Next, we stopped by Shane Co. to get his finger sized for a ring.
There was a brief moment of panic, and copious amounts of lotion, when M's finger got stuck on the 1/4 size too small sizing ring... but we all pulled through.
After delivering an artfully crafted alibi about how we were going to use the aforementioned ring sizing adventure to then shop their collection online, we scooted home and hopped on Etsy.

Now, before you find me to be the tackiest or cheapest bride on the planet, here's my theory:
If a ring doesn't have diamonds on it, if it isn't meant to be the showy one-- as is the case with MOST men's rings.. why should a hunk of metal that I can get for $40 on the interwebz cost $300 at a jeweler?

Eeexacttlllyyy. I just spit the truth, folks.

So, this is what we went with:

Pretty, no!?
Clean, manly, simple. Just the way M wanted it.
Also, when he inevitably loses it (I'm not stereotyping, M loses a rotation of his cell phone, wallet and/or keys on a consistent basis) I won't have a coronary because it only cost us $35. Holla.

Saturday night I crafted --finally finishing the wine cork table number stands, and made a few smaller burlap flowers for the smaller wine bottle.
I fell asleep in the 3rd period of the Gophers/Huskies hockey game, hauled myself to bed, and then proceeded to battle a wicked bout of insomnia until about midnight. Woops.

Sunday M and I battled the early snowmageddon, round 2 to head to Perkins for breakfast.
My first choice? No.
I would have preferred a quaint little cafe for devouring some quiche, but due to the weather, M placed an arbitrary mile circumference on our jaunt. Lame. So, Perkins it was.

M knew it wasn't my first choice, so when our breakfast experienced slowly descended into a slapstick comedy, he could do nothing but laugh. From the screaming children to our prime seating location:


It was very romantical. :P 
At least my vantage point was the women's and not the men's. I do not take my coffee with a side of urinal, generally speaking. 

After realizing the trek to my parents house was not in the cards, we settled in for a long afternoon of lounging.

Presently, I'm starving, we have no food that sounds appetizing and I'm REALLY not trying to be "that girl" who calls the pizza place and makes them deliver. Contemplating a snowy trek to the Papa John's a few blocks away.

[Edited to add: at 3:56 p.m. today (Sunday) we decided to see a 4:20 showing (matinee, holla!) of Side Effects. I am embarrassed to admit mostly I said yes because I knew it meant I got food... BUT the movie was good!]

This week is going to be pretty hectic...
Monday night we have my birthday dinner with M's mom.
Tuesday night we are having one of M's friends and his girlfriend over for dinner.
Wednesday night is the day we rescheduled today's failed birthday dinner with my family.
Thursday and Friday are TOP SECRET. but I do have a post scheduled for late Thursday night that will reveal the surprise, soooo stay tuned for that.

If you do not hear from me this week, it's either a result of the aforementioned scheduling... OR I've been swallowed up in a massive snow drift en route to find pizza and will not be found until late April.



  1. My husband had each of our groomsmen wear a black suit (of their choosing, because several already owned black suits) and a white dress shirt. He provided the ties as part of their gift. To distinguish himself as the groom, he wore a vest. It worked out really well!

    We also ordered vinyl letters from etsy, and adhered them to over-sized beer mugs for the groomsmen, and over-sized wine glasses for the bridesmaids. The monogrammed glasses were a hit. And cheap, too! The glasses are pretty substantial and only $1 at the dollar store. The men's ties were curled up in the glasses.

    1. gah, we were SO CLOSE to doing "everybody wear their own black suit" but then my dad (who already thinks a suit is less formal than a tux) got in my head and we got all paranoid. oh well.

      I love the beer glass idea! Since monogrammed anything seems to be popular wedding gifts, this way it's at least cheaper!

  2. Not gonna lie, I am going to copy you and hit up etsy for John's ring someday.

  3. Love the pocket square addition. It makes me strangely so sad when people forget about pocket squares. Excited for the reveal, I live vicariously through other people's Valentines days.

  4. Awesome deal on the ring!! Good thing you got to make it out of the house. I had to venture over to Cub to find cook. Lame

    1. My brother had his groomsmen buy their suits, too. And it turned out nice, because now my husband has a nice suit in his closet at the same cost it would have been to rent one. YAY!

      haha..that is TOTALLY something I would do. I specifically plan our outings around meal times so I can score a day/night of no cooking. Adam has caught on, but still allows it...sometimes. :)

  5. What a steal for the ring! My husband has a very similar designed ring- polished on the edges and brushed in the center. Very classy!

  6. I love the idea of all the guys buying a suit. I might need to still this idea, once Ryan hops on the wedding train. ha!

    Great idea about the ring as well. That ring is very nice looking.

    Happy early birthday week!

  7. We had a pretty casual wedding so our attire for the guys was whatever white shirt for the guys (without yellow armpit stains!) and a pair of flat front khakis from Kohls. And then the guys got fedoras and a tie from Jesse. It worked out real swell. As for Jesse's ring (and my wedding band too)...we totally forgot about it until about two weeks before. I think we spent less than $200 for both of them. Yeah. Cheap is the way to go there for sure.

    Looking forward to the surprise reveal. I wonder what it is........

  8. We also had the guys buy suits and we chipped in for the cost. It was a little spendy, but not crazy, and most of the guys were happy to have an excuse to get a nice suit!

    happy birthday week, Valentine! :)

  9. Love that you found his ring for $35! That's just plain awesome. And I was with you on the no food that was appetizing in the house this weekend. I talked Michael into going out to dinner in the blizzard on Sunday, all because I didn't want to cook & was pissy about the lack of food. Someone should really go shopping. Oh yeah. That's me. = /

  10. Awesome deal for his ring! Yes! It's a nice ring, too! Love the suits, too. I don't remember how we did it but we did go with Men's Warehouse.