Sunday, February 3, 2013

This and that: a weekend recap.

M chose to spend this weekend in the company of a bunch of dudes whilst sleeping on a lake and drinking. There was also the occasional fish caught.

Friday there was an apparent miscommunication and where I thought I'd be spending the night with a girlfriend, I actually spent the night power cleaning the house and revamping the blog a little bit.
(New header, new sidebar photos, new about me.. if yo' on GFC and curious.)

Saturday morning I shoveled the backyard, took a coffee break (pictured above), and shoveled the front, and then did some more cleaning. I then begrudgingly went to the grocery store, looking like this:

No joke it took me no less than 20 minutes to craft my mop of hair into some sort of respectable top knot that looked more "hipster" and less "greasy mop." I figured paired with the chunky scarf and black rimmed glasses it'd look deliberate to an observer.

Saturday night I had some MN Bloggers over for a little get together.

[**I have to add this: If you're a MN blogger reading this and you did not get an email, I sincerely hope you're not offended. I hope you understand that in opening up my home, and in respecting both my own and my fiance's right to privacy, I didn't feel 100% comfortable inviting people whom I had not met, or had a substantial relationship with via the blog. Also, my house is a crackerjack box. Seriously. I had to draw the line somewhere or not have enough room. We do have a massive deck that I'd love to utilize for a bigger get together on a nice day this summer, after I've hopefully met some more of you!**]

I made some mini-caprese-spears

[mozz., basil, tomatoes, drizzled in balsamic.]

Becky brought baby Bailey, who pretty much stole the show

See what I mean?
Even TJ was enthralled

Dawn brought one of her adorable daughters, Lilli. Lilli was so chill. She kept one eye on TJ at all times (he's a shifty cat) and watched Saved by the Bell on her ipad. She took a liking to the white chocolate chip stuffed raspberries too, and did her part in ensuring minimal leftovers.

[L-R back row: Becky & Bailey, Brittney, Lauren, Leah, Kelly// L-R front row: myself and Dawn]

I'm so lucky to have met some great ladies through blogging.
I've always loved reading blogs but never really knew of, or followed, Minnesota bloggers. I'm so glad Kelly organized the MN Bloggers page, it's been such a great way to connect and organize events.
Annndd actually, while we're on the topic, I've known Leah since 2006. She's been blogging longer than I have, but mostly did it for herself as a journal of sorts. It's been fun to have her interact with some of the same ladies I do, and get to share that as of recently though.

Sunday M came home from fishing and polished off the leftover caprese bites for lunch.
TJ was hopin' for a hand out, but no dice.

We snuggled on the couch for a while and watched Law & Order
TJ displaying his bipolar personality: weekday TJ is aloof and apathetic. Weekend TJ is SO NEEDY and follows you everywhere. 

Must be touching your face at ALL. TIMES.

M and I are currently curled up in the basement watching the Superbowl. Everybody in our group of friends decided to lay low, so it's just the 2 of us.
I have to say, between the Harbaugh brothers, Ray Lewis, Destiny's Child, the blackout, and the 49ers comeback (no matter how the game ends) I am now wishing I had spent the game somewhere. Just sorta. Although Twitter has provided some serious comedic relief. The #bane jokes were killing me.

Hope you all had a good weekend as well.

I'm off to google pallet sign ideas. Swung by Home Depot and got the materials for $12. Expect a DIY in the near (hopefully) future.


  1. You did such a lovely job hosting all of us. Thank you for opening your home. You're the hostess with the mostess. Also. Go Ravens. Boom. ;)

  2. Thank you so much for hosting a small get-together! It was great to interact with people without having to stare at a menu and figure out what I'd like to eat while trying to meet people! I must steal some of these pics of Bailey, they are great and she couldn't stop talking about TJ ;)

  3. Bah! I am so bummed I missed it! It looks like a great weekend! :)

  4. Looks like so much fun! I'm bummed I had to miss out, stupid migraine! I hope to get together with all you ladies soon.

  5. The "family portrait" with TJ is adorable and I keep seeing the recipe/suggestion for those caprese spears all over Pinterest - looks delishhh.

  6. thanks for having us over!! It was a lot of fun :)

  7. Looks like you girls had a great time. I am a fellow MN blogger too and just found your blog!

  8. Looks like fun. I wish Azalea (and I, of course) could have been there to play with Lilli and Bailey :) Those mini caprese spears look delish!

    1. Thanks so much for hosting us, Kelly! Lilli and I had a great time. Pretty sure I'm going to have to stuff her raspberries with white chocolate from here on out...LOL You were so sweet to let her come along and harass TJ.

  9. I love that you MN bloggers have get togethers! I only know 2 other bloggers that are local & they aren't as frequent bloggers as i am, i guess? I finally met one of them! Glad y'all had a good time! :)

  10. Looks like a productive weekend! I'm so sad to have missed the mini-party! Next time!!!!!

  11. i was sad to miss out but look forward to another meet up! ;)

    i also like the new blog look! :)