Saturday, July 14, 2012

My "old" man

Yesterday, the 13th, was M's 28th birthday. One thing I told myself is that I would not 100% lose myself in bar studying to the detriment of those around me... in some instances. One of those, was M's birthday. His actual birthday weekend is being spent at his friend's bachelor party at a cabin, which is just as well since I've been holed up in the library for 10 hours a day the last 2 days. Woof. 

Tuesday, I made reservations for a surprise birthday night. I gave him a hint Wednesday, and then got lost getting there twice and eventually half panicked told him, although as soon as we pulled up near the docks at Lake Minnetonka I think he had a good idea ;-). 

I took him on a Hawaiian themed dinner cruise on Lake Minnetonka. 
 For those not familiar with MN, Lake Minnetonka is a BIG deal. Quite literally, it's huge. There is over 140 miles of shoreline, and it spans 9+ cities. BIG. I'm also fairly certain there's not a single home that fronts the lake that's worth any less than $1 million. 
 (our centerpieces :) ) 
Some random fun facts I learned of people who have lived/live on the lake: The dude who invented breathe right nose strips, a 27 year old freak who made his money on the stock exchange, Tom Petters (I believe it was the 2nd, but one of the largest ponzi scheme perpetrators next to Bernie Madolf... the legal nerd in me is all too familiar with him as our firm handled some collateral cases dealing with that mess), and the Mann Theater family. There were others, but my brain is mushy. 
 (Wayzata Bay, where the boat launched from) 
 Thursday nights are the "sailing regatta" nights on the lake... fancy! 
 The birthdayyy boy! 
 Loons- our state bird. **I was corrected by M.. these are geese. Blame the bar exam. Also, I'm not an ornothologist, or whateverthehellitis that knows about birds**
 The weather was looking rough on the drive out there, and the entire cruise the starboard side (left side? port side? who the fuck knows) was dark and overcast. Our side was sunny and beautiful. The skies cleared in time for a gorgeous sunset 
 It was nice to take a break from the books to join the real world... partake in fun activities.. sometimes I forget it's summer and normal people are out doing fun things at night/on the weekends. 
Dearest M: 
Who knows when you'll get around to stalking this post out (although I know you'll get to it eventually.. ;-) )... I know I've been miserable and irritable and absent the last, oh, 2 months.. but despite that, I want to say thank you. Thank you for being there, for supporting me unconditionally, and for telling me "you're going to pass!" even though I may hate it, but because I know you really believe it. You have the utmost faith in me, and it helps. It does. When I have my meltdowns about failing (3, to date people...) even if you're not here you text me to tell me you love me, or rub my back when you are there. More than that, I know failing isn't the absolute end of the world, (somewhere, deeeeeeeep deeeeep down I know this), because I still have a FANTASTIC fiance, and a wonderful life we've made together. I know that you'd love me even if I did wind up being a waitress with a J.D. ;-) 

Real talk? Ah mees you. I hope you're having fun at Zach's, but 10 hours at the library is so much more bearable when I have a cute kitteh AND a cute boy to come home to. 



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  1. That looks like such a great birthday!! :)

    BTW - pretty sure those are geese... not loons. JUST SAYING. HAHAHA!