Sunday, April 26, 2015


Saturday was filled with 3 of my favorite things: friends, food, and crafts
The thing about being a craft-addict is, there's only so much you can make for your own house before your husband threatens to leave you you run out of wall space. 
This weekend was the perfect opportunity to expend a bunch of crafty energy for a good cause. 

On May 16th, I'm helping to host an embryo adoption fundraiser for Lauren and Jesse. 
Saturday, a bunch of us gathered at Coop's Event Barn down in Dodge Center, MN for a day of crafting items to be donated and sold at the fundraiser. Lauren's parents have a whole shed full of barn wood that's over 100 years old. To say I was geeking out was an understatement. 

A sampling of what I made.

Lauren's parents said they'd let me take whatever wood was leftover after projects at the barn were completed. I've been toying around with the idea of opening a shop of some sorts..what form that'd take I'm not sure- craft fairs locally? Facebook sales? Garage style pop up sales? Regardless, I think a gift of a heap of wonderfully perfect barn wood may be the push I need!


  1. Awesome! I hope to find my way down to the metro that weekend, so I'll keep it in mind!

  2. etsy? People would pay lots for that!

  3. What incredibly cute signs! You need to start an Etsy shop. Seriously, I can't DIY much and doled out more money than I want to admit on Etsy for my wedding. So glad I found your blog. I'm an MN girl, too :)