Monday, May 18, 2015


{piece of art I painted on Thursday when I was feeling stabby after an awful commute home.. turns out rage makes me creative..} 
Hello hello. 
This weekend was the culmination of a shit ton of planning and hard work and I'm so thrilled with how everything came together. 
If you recall, I spent a day last month down at Coop's Event Barn whipping up a bunch of crafts to sell at Lo's Embryo Adoption Fundraiser

This past Saturday I rolled down to the farm early to help set up. I was floored when I walked into the granary to see our craft "store" set up and looking like a real, legitimate tiny little craft store. 

The barn was cleared and auction tables were going up, the guys were doing some last minute cleaning and organizing of the big equipment, vendors were rolling in throughout the late morning: the band, the clown (who was seated right behind us at the money table and was terrifying), face painting, henna tattoo artist, and an on-site firebrick pizza oven for dinner. We had a Square reader checking people out, two lots of auction items, a raffle, and a live auction of some of Lo's mom's famous Fat Linda bars. 

It seems silly to say it this way, but it ran so smoothly and so "officially" that I was just giddy.  

The most important part is, all together we raised around $8,000 to help Lauren and Jesse realize their dreams of becoming parents. Their goal was $10,000 though and there's still time to donate online if you couldn't make it out to the event and want to help! 

Sunday was spent doing what I do best- eating. M and I had a birthday brunch for a good friend of mine at Red Stag, after which I impulse bought the same shirt the birthday girl received from the store next door (check it out on Insta: kellybea14). 

Sunday afternoon M and I got a start on some home projects that I'm pretty much counting down the minutes until I can tackle again. I tend to go in phases with my creative energy and right now I'm definitely in a high output phase. I want to paint, style, and decorate ALL THE THINGS. This latest burst will result in some new shelving in both our bathroom and kitchen and a more grownup vibe for both. I may touch on the evolution of my design aesthetic, as these will be second iterations of both rooms. I also feel like I owe you an update on the master bedroom which has been under "construction" (loose term for messing around with the decor) for nearly a year. BUT there have been some bigger changes since my last post...  So here's hoping this burst of creativity will result in some blog content! 


  1. I 100% do not need anymore artwork in my life right now...but love that antlers and flowers, so beautiful!!! I'm bummed I was busy on Saturday and couldn't make it down.

  2. You guys did an AWESOME job with the fundraiser!!! I had a blast and thought everything was perfect! Good job!