Sunday, April 12, 2015


 R E A D I N G 

Just finished Paper Towns for book club and was a bit disappointed by the ending. Interested to see what the movie does with it this summer. Anybody reading anything good?

 W R I T I N G 

I've got a handful of posts started and for whatever reason lack the motivation to finish them. One on how being an ambivert has shaped my life, another on "authenticity" and what that word means... I get this spark to start it and then once I get into it and get a few paragraphs in in the spark fizzles. In actuality I think I know what the root is, but because I have a vested interest in not sabotaging my future.. it's not something I can write about. Which is actually maddening and stunting my writing.

 L I S T E N I N G 

Madam Secretary is on in the background- waiting for The Good Wife to come on at 8:00. As far as law shows go, it's one of the least offensive ones.

 T H I N K I N G 

About this summer. This is usually the time of year I start to think about how this will be the summer I actually get up every saturday and go to the farmer's market. I enjoy weekend mornings.. and I enjoy the farmer's market.. what I don't enjoy is the parking situation and the crowds that are already crawling by the time I make it there (8:30/9). I need to find a smaller market. Any locals have any tips on smaller ones? I've been to the one by the Basilica...any other good west metro ones?

 S M E L L I N G 

The impending rain.

 L O V I N G 

The warmer weather (knock on wood).

 W A N T I N G 

A vacation. We've been casually talking about where we're going to go this summer and need to get something booked..before work stuff comes along and interferes.

 F E E L I N G 

A cool breeze from the window, which is pretty much perfect.

Some scenes from this weekend: 


  1. There are lots of fun small neighborhood markets in SW Minneapolis. Fulton, Kingfield, Linden Hills, etc :)

  2. Omygoodness I love that picture of TJ! He's too cool