Wednesday, April 22, 2015


For those of you (ahem, Sar) in the Pacific Northwest, this post may strike you as funny.
I've learned this is true of places we call home- sometimes we don't look at them through the eyes of a visitor.
That being said, this summer M and I are taking a trip to..... Idaho!
I'll pause while you go and google search Coeur d'Alene to understand why. It sort of looks like the Tahoe of the northwest. Ever since M roadtripped from Minnesota to Seattle last summer with his family, he's insisted we visit CDA, ASAP.

CDA is about 40 minutes east of Spokane, WA- where I happen to have had several cases recently. Those cases all settled, but in talking to defense counsel, I was googling the area pretty regularly just to see where things were and to google-street-view them. (anyone else do this? just me? mkay). So after M's rave review of passing through CDA, I started to look into vacationing there this summer. After feeling satisfied there were enough things to do to justify a long weekend there, I looked at the Spokane area, too. Ta da, even more! We're going for a combination of active (hiking, kayaking, walking) and relaxing. This won't be like a trip to Seattle where there are must see physical landmarks- more so, must see hiking trails.

Anyway, what I'm wondering from any of you: Have you been there? Do you live there? Any must see, must do, recommendations for CDA or Spokane? I think we're going to spend 2 nights in Spokane (so 1-2 full days, depending on when we drive to CDA) and 2-3 nights in CDA.

Plllllleeaassseeee share!

(p.s. I did a little blog design work this week- I added tabs for travel and home tour with some handy buttons to take you to those posts- click around!)

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  1. Loving the update!! I'm hesitant to admit, but I thought CDA was in canada...I have no idea why?? I haven't been there, but would love to hear about it as I have family in Boise and Portland, and this might be a cool/random meet up spot.