Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I figured after a month absence it'd be weird to come in here and bomb you with a deep post, which are some of the ones that have been marinating in my head lately.

So, I figured I needed a buffer. This is my buffer.

I equate the dormancy to a bear coming out of hibernation.. it's spring! Time to write.

I've also thought for a little while now that my blog layout was bugging me, which stunts my desire to come here when I feel like it looks frumpy. Every time I tried to make a header in a photo program I'd install it and the background would look faintly grey against my blog..which drove me batty. Lo and behold after last night's tinkering I found on picmonkey I could design straight in the site and choose "transparent" backgrounds in a .png file (nerding out so hard here) and VIOLA- no more grey! So I fixed that, my nav bar (at one point while making that M looks over and exclaims, "are you coding!?" I LOLed but felt like a badass) AND updated my "about me" page- so feel free to check that out.

I also equate the dormancy to equal parts feeling frazzled and busy and feeling a little "meh" and unsettled in different areas of my life. I'm currently acting as a wedding coordinator for a wedding this Saturday, doing the flowers for that and running the room-flip; packing my office/our office for a work-move to a new location on Saturday; coordinating our family's second Walk MS event on May 3; and planning an embryo adoption fundraiser for May 16th.

So there's that, too.

Anyway, I'm here, my space is prettier, hope to be back sooner.

Ok, good talk.


  1. Love the clean look! :) Been going through a drought myself on ma'blog for similar reasons - focusing on things offline, feeling distracted in other areas of my life, etc. The good thing is ... the internet is still here whenever you decide to come back and it doesn't make ya feel bad in the slightest :)

  2. I'm clearly finally catching up on all my blog reading, but I'm really liking this fresh, clean look. I'm currently redesigning my blog, but Im having someone do it because I suck at this. I know the feeling about wanting to come out of hibernation and write more. Of course, I thought after the summer I'd want to write more, and that never happened. As the above commenter said, the internet will always be here. Unless you're in North Korea. But I doubt you have any plans going there any time soon! <3

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