Friday, July 11, 2014


Hi, bad blogger here. Just stopping in to tell you as much.

Got soaked to the bone, despite the umbrella, walking from the car to work today. Just some casual hurricane strength rain. Barf.

Actually I'm dedicating an entire blog post to tell you that you NEED to click this link and make these burgers that Jess posted or should you die tomorrow your life will have been truly unfulfilled having not eaten these. SERIOUSLY.

mkay, have a good weekend! It's M's dirty-30 Sunday, so I've got a whole weekend of shenanigans planned. :)


  1. I seriously need to stop reading blogs before lunch! haha 10am and I am dying for that burger. I want to hire Jess as a personal lie!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, M! Welcome to the 30 club!

  2. I was not going to make that burger and then I just decided I'm going to. NOM, I'm starving.