Monday, March 24, 2014


I've hyped up this bedroom redo quite a bit that I hope it lives up to expectations. 
A little bit of back story. 
Our bedroom used to be upstairs- we live in a 2 and a half story  house, which means the upstairs is all one room, and there's a pitched roof situation. I posted not all too long ago about the redo we did up there (holy crap was that already 2012..? I take back the "not too long ago" part...) It was better than the first iteration, but I still didn't love it. 
It wasn't a room I liked spending a lot of time in, and would procrastinate going upstairs until the MOMENT I went to bed. 
We originally put our room up there because it made sense- or so we thought- since we'd have a whole floor to ourselves and would be out of the way of any guests. 

Fast forward a few years, and my friend Dana asked to store her furniture in our basement guest room while she lived in the country for a year for a judicial clerkship. She moved back right around Christmas, and with that move- reclaimed her furniture in the basement. I'd told M that eventually- there was no question- we'd be moving to the first floor guest room as our master. When babies come (not for a long time) the office will turn into a nursery, and I didn't want to schlep up and down stairs in a sleep deprived state to tend to said baby. 

SO, couple this knowledge with the timing of Dana's return to the twin cities and next thing you know M and I are looking at mattress sales right around new years. The other thing about having the upstairs bedroom, we would've been limited to a double bed-- there's no way a queen box spring would have fit. So these fortuitous events led us to purchasing a queen mattress and moving downstairs. The first floor guest room furniture then got moved to the basement. This of course triggered some "if you give a mouse a cookie" in me.. and required a remodel. 

There's still some work to be done- we need art to replace the giant flower I painted when this just served as a guest room (I have some ideas, I just need to execute), and we need something for above the bed. I've been very picky and am holding out for the right piece. I also want to get a real, huge, grown up rug that extends out from under all sides of the bed. Our current rug is an IKEA leftover from the last rendition of the living room that is only on my side of the bed. lastly, the biggest unknown is the paint color-- as you'll see the headboard kind of blends with the current color, which I don't love.. but we haven't decided how to handle it (accent wall?).

Without further ado- the bedroom as it it today :)

Source List:
  • Side tables: Target (exact no longer online, but HERE are some similar)
  • Headboard: Overstock (exact no longer online, but HERE is a similar)
  • Lamps: IKEA
  • Ladder: antique store find
  • Wood pallet sign/wood & mason jar decor: DIY (stained the wood chunk, used plumbing accessories to hang the mason jars)
  • Burlap letter pillows: etsy wedding gift
  • Gold tray: antique store find
  • Large gold mirror: free from my uncle, used to live in our living room and was black- I sprayed it out gold and kind of love that some of the black sort of peeks through, it really makes the details pop
  • 4 gold frames: $3 Target clearance frames I sprayed gold, used burlap to back the Instagram printed photos inside the 5x5 matting
  • Floral arrangement is fake from Michaels (vase is from Target)- my cat eats real flowers so we're like 80 year olds with a lot of fake flowers in our house. 
  • Last but not least- would you believe me if I told you that dresser is the same as this one? : 
I assume you'd say yes simply because it's the same shape, but this may be one of the DIY's I'm MOST proud of.. EVER. I stumbled on a website called Ikea Hackers (google it, it's amazing) and saw the 3 drawer version of this dresser stained and hacked in so many beautiful ways.

We needed a long dresser that would tuck in perfectly to a nook created by the wall, and a heat register that juts out from the wall. It had to be no larger than 60 inches, but as close to that as possible. This dresser was about 58 inches and perfect RAW wood at IKEA.

We stained it a red mahogany color which is just insanely gorgeous in real life, polyed it, and then assembled the whole thing in the room. Finally, we swapped out the tacky wood knobs for the same drawer pulls we used in our kitchen-(I love that they tie in to the mirrored side tables so well because they're shiny and mirror-y, too).. we just had to drill an extra hole per drawer front, and voila- a custom, beautiful dresser for $150.--> MY FAVORITE PART. Dressers I was willing to "settle" for were still $250-$300 and still didn't totally fit in our room, with the natural wood ladder and other accents. (Actually we lucked out the two ended up so close in color! I stained the mason jar scrapwood the same color as the dresser, too, but the ladder was thankfully very close in color as it was!)

I'm obsessed. It has the natural elements I wanted with a more modern edge with the drawer pulls and clean lines.

So there you have it, our bedroom so far. It's my favorite room in the house (a close tie with the living room, actually). I finally feel like I'm hitting my groove with "my style" and am finding I can pick out pieces and envision a whole room more clearly than I ever have been able to.

Hope you like!


  1. I LOVE IT. I want to do a dresser like that in yellow or something bright... though, we don't any more dressers right now. Also I had to re-read this about four times: •Large gold mirror: free from my uncle, used to live in our living room and was black

    I thought it said your uncle used to live in your living!!!

  2. It's SO PRETTY! And the light in there is AWESOME!!! I love it!

  3. I absolutely love it! Looks so comfy and homey!

  4. Love the room, but especially the dresser!

  5. Oh my GOD this is amazing. That dresser is seriously spectacular. I hacked the smaller version of that dresser last year, but I may have to buy the big one and hack it asap because WOW. WOW!

    Also, I feel like I live in a toddler's home cause your room is so grown up! Love it!

  6. TJ is so majestic in that picture.

    Let's do so many farts and craft projects this summer. So. Many. I'm excited. Mark your calendar. Done.

  7. That dresser is amazing! Great job, Kelly!

  8. Very pretty! Makes me want to go clean my room..

  9. It looks great!! I love the colors and simplicity of it yet it looks like such a fun place to be :)

  10. Oh my gosh. I love everything! Beautiful!

  11. BEAUTIFUL!!! Darnit, this makes it apparent that I need to get our bedroom into some sort of order... it's looking pretty shabby!