Thursday, February 20, 2014


I had every intention of posting about my weekend and/or the bedroom but some family shtuff has popped up and I haven't had much free time..soooo forgive me? K, cool.

I want to tell you today about the time I talked to TJ Oshie on the telephone.
Nobody (well.. full-time-hockey-fans excluded) knew who TJ Oshie was prior to this past week.
If you've been following the Olympics you may have heard of TJ Oshie- he went ape-shit and scored a million goals and basically was a monster against the Russians in multiple shootouts.

What people may not know is, Oshie is a Minnesota boy. Born & raised in Hockey City USA- Warroad, MN. It's an iiiittyyyy bittyyy town in the northwestern corner of the state, but they have multiple state tournament appearances and generally pump out some ridiculously good hockey players. He went on to play for UND (booo Sioux).

My freshmen year of college, I happened to be coupled up with a boy who went to UND. Said boy lived across the hall from another UND hockey player by the name of Joe Finley (that link will tell you he plays for the NY Islanders, presently). Joe and my boy were friends, and I spoke with Joe on the phone a time or two whilst enjoying some cocktails on the weekends. Anyway my boy knew I was obbbseeesssseeeddd with TJ Oshie (see- fan before it was cool!) I was actually FB friends with Finley for a long time, and he got the axe in an unfriending spree (I'm also fairly sure I was friends with Ryan McDonough at one point on FB since he went to my high school and now plays for the Islanders as well: note to self, stop unfriending interesting people on FB!).

So one night, we were all drinking in our separate locales, when I got a call from the boy that went like this:

Boy: KELLY, I have someone who wants to talk to you

Me: huh?

Boy: here, hang on!

TJ: Uh, Kelly? Hi, It's TJ Oshie.

Me: blacked out, have no idea what I said, but several sentences were exchanged.

I was an exposed fan-gurl but still, it was cool that my then-boyfriend would let me talk to me, "I'd drop you like it's hot for him" crush. #Isoclassy

So that was the time that for a fleeting period of time, I spoke with TJ Oshie, and TJ Oshie was aware of my existence.

This was a stretch for blog material but my dad, bless his dorky heart, brought this up to me recently (I'd totally forgotten about it)-- "hey, hey, didn't you to TJ Oshie once? on the phone? when he was at UND?" ... he's a bit of a fan-boy himself.


  1. Love it! The hockey camp I take workout classes at had Oshie there as a camper, I feel cool working out in the same place that he USED to go to. haha!

  2. That's awesome!! And you are totally justified in fan-girling over him.


  4. And then remember how the girl that I went to college with was like, dating Joe Finley, and I talked on the phone to that boy you were coupled up with, and then you internet stalked me and we became besties? #InternetFTW

    PS I was mildly obsessed with Oshie in 2005, also, I'm blanking on his name, but the blondie from Moorhead...????

  5. Blondie from Moorhead that went on to be Mr. Hockey 2005...?? Off to Google I go.

  6. This is so funny. First of all, I went to high school with Joe Finley. Secondly, he plays on the Islanders with Brock Nelson- he's my brother in-law's cousin. My brother in-law went to Warroad to play hockey and knows TJ well…weird.

  7. HAHAHA! this is so funny! you are totally famous! :)

  8. Mark's a huge hockey fan so he was impressed. The fan girl in me was proud of you--I'd be similar to you with a lot of baseball players.

  9. hahaha cute story. I love me a good fanatic story! :)

  10. I know who TJ is because of my love for hockey! That's awesome! He played well in Sochi!

    I know you disabled the comments about your mom, my heart is broken for you. My mom passed when I was 14, still feels like yesterday. I still can't believe its real, the feelings never go away. Somehow it gets easier in time, but the heartache is always there. Let me know if you need anything at all.