Sunday, February 9, 2014


Confused by the title?
This weekend was a fantastic one and the title of this post contains a little bit of goodness from each part of it.
Friday we had some friends of M's over for a dinner party. It was delicious and I loved catching up with them over wine.

Saturday we slept in a bit, before ultimately heading to IKEA. More to come on that, later ;-).
Saturday afternoon I went to the gym, then met Dana to see The Monuments Men - which I thought was good! Liked it more than American Hustle, to be honest. Afterwards we met up with our friend Sammi for her birthday dinner with some others at Cooper's in West End. (I also noticed they got a Francesca's sometime recently... Francescas, Anthro, Charming Charlie AND Primp? Dangerous.)

Sunday we woke up and let TJ back in the bedroom. With our new headboard he gets a little too into parading around and rubbing his paws on it, which is loud and annoying. So we boot him. He came in and spooned with me. M started blowing on his face so TJ stiff-armed him. Love him..hahaha

Sunday morning M and I went to Union's rooftop for brunch- I had bought him a Living Social for Christmas. OMG guys, the food was outstanding, and being on a rooftop in the middle of winter...there's just something magical about it. They had a DJ playing some music (not clubby, but nice!) and it was just such a nice morning.

After brunch we got started on a little IKEA hack. I can't even recall how I stumbled across the idea, but there's a website for hacking boring IKEA stuff. I found a smaller dresser on there (the RAST, if you're interested) that had been transformed into a TON of cool new pieces- but we needed something longer for the bedroom. I recently tweeted my frustration and the lack of affordable dresser options. We needed a certain size, and wanted a certain look to match other items we had.

I was browsing IKEA hackers when I realized there was a bigger version of the RAST- this beauty:
 Looks like a nice but pretty boring hunk of wood, right? Well, if today's phase 1 is any indication of how she's going to shape up... be prepared for a pretty great "after" ... oh and did I mention it was only $130 for this SOLID PINE piece of unfinished furniture? God Bless IKEA.

Tonight we were jazzed the Walking Dead was back, so we watched that and hung out. 
Low key but perfect weekend, and I'm excited to finish up this dresser this week! Stay tuned for that :)


  1. Ohhh giiirl I hacked a couple of Rast nightstands last year (or maybe before, I have no clue!) and I still absolutely love them! I've been wanting to upgrade the slide mechanism on them, though. I cannot wait to see the final product!!!

  2. We are obsessed with WD in our house, too, but have not watched it yet. Can't wait for the after pictures of the dresser!!

  3. I'll have to check out that site. Can't wait to see what you guys do with the dresser

  4. I have that same Groupon -- glad to hear it was so good! Did you need to make a reservation?

    Can't wait to see your Ikea-hack after!!

  5. Can't wait to see what you do with that dresser!