Monday, November 18, 2013


If you're here for a weekend recap, it ain't happening.
Although I will say this weekend was slightly more relaxing than last (in which we brought dad home from the hospital). I spent Friday night at my parents place with M. We made him dinner. Saturday we attended a couples shower for some friends who are getting married on my birthday next year! (That'd be Valentines Day, for you newbies). Sunday M and I went on, gasp, a DATE. It was a brunch date, but since brunch is pretty much our favorite meal, and we both put on real pants, it counts. We also used a gift card. Cuz we' fancy. Stopped over at my dad's again for the Vikings game, and then went home to watch Walking Dead. Twas lovely.

If you're here for more wedding posts, carry on. :)

Between the first looks, and then afterwards, M and I took photos. (That's about all there is to say about these. :))


Photos of M laughing are probably some of my favorite, ever. I think he's the cutest :) 

For our thank you notes, naturally :) 


Up next: wedding party.


  1. Ok, now I see what you were saying about the shape of the dress. There's so much more to it than what is captured in that other one I said I liked. WOW. Stunning! Your photographer really did an amazing job. And I'm a Valentine's baby too!

  2. Ok, WOW!!!

    I'm officially jealous of the pic of M picking you up. It's GORGEOUS!!

    And now you're officially kicking my ass in wedding recaps. I really need to get on that!

  3. Love these! Y'all are the cutest couple!!!! :)

  4. Such a sweet and beautiful couple!! Ahh!! So fun!

  5. I love the second to last picture. That dress is so pretty!

  6. so so so so so so so so so gorgeous!

  7. These are so beautiful!!! I love them all!!!

  8. These are all absolutely stunning!!!

  9. Ooooh my GOSH! These pictures are gorg! Seriously, perfect couple!
    And your dress? There are no words!

  10. TJ and I have almost that exact same laughing photo except I'm the one laughing. It's our favorite, too! Gorgeous pictures!