Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Yes, that's a zoolander reference, yes, I vehemently hate that movie.
It's just too fitting to not use.
Sunday night I felt it coming on.. a combination of that gunk that's been circulating in the metro area (and apparently has had 1/3 of M's place of employment of 400some people out this month) and probably sheer exhaustion from coordinating my dad's care and getting him home. Throw in there a semi-useless little brother (he doesn't read this, so I can say things like that) and I was out of commission HARD yesterday and 1/2 of today.

I had a way more ranty post drafted about the sibling issues but it's not even worth rehashing. Basically he's 23 and has had little to no responsibilities 90% of his life so now suddenly having to utilize foresight and make care plans for my dad if he wants to attend social function is this huge OMGALLTHESPAZES thing. He's just not equipped to manage many things at once. I kindly reminded him I was coughing up tar and trying to hold down a 40+ hour week job as a lawyer and oh yeah, coordinate ALL THE HELP by myself, and he told me "nevermind" and to "not worry about it" until we can meet up to reassess our schedules. Ugh.

That griping out of the way, I plan on publishing wedding posts now. I just felt like I should say something about my awkward absences and that I'd be posting photos again. Felt kind of weird not to.

So, there's that. :)

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  1. My BIL is 27 and has had no real responsibilities up until this far. His Mom (My MIL) bails him out of everything. I know all of this too well friend! Hope you're feeling better!