Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Listy McListerson

Just kidding you guys, I'm not YHL.
Generally speaking....and try not to take offense to this... I find checklist type posts to be boring as sin. Then I saw Sarah's wedding checklist... and I was all "GIMME".. I need one place to stick everything and my itty bitty planner that only had a "craft" and "buy" list was just not cutting it.
I can guarantee I'll feel 100 times more at ease knowing I have this master list of items I can check off and I don't have to keep cycling things over in my head so I don't forget them.

  • Pay balance of DJ by September 14th
  • Pay balance to Como by September 20th (as well as head count- put meal RSVPs into spreadsheet for wait staff to make it easier on them!)
  • (figure out when it's due....and then) Pay balance to photographer
  • (figure out when it's due....and then) Pay balance for honeymoon
  • Grow a money tree
  • Get signed letter from Father for our discounted marriage license (HOLLA)

  • Pillar candles for lanterns
  • Tell M that "gifts for the parents" is a thing, and figure out wtf we're doing with this
  • Any additional jewelry..? figure out if I want any.
  • Get dress altered
  • Stay on top of M and the boys to get ties and socks (see also: make sure my little brother has basically everything that the rest of them can be counted on to get themselves. Oy.)
  • Book party bus ... I think we're close!
  • Hotel room? Staying at the house? I can imagine I'll just want to spoon with TJ that night anyway, guys (JUST KIDDING....)
  • Make decorations list with photographs for my not so top secret wedding helpers.... I figure I should do a post on that in the near future, too. :)
  • Ask wedding venue about any potential cupcake stands they have, and at what cost..otherwise crack and email our cake guy to tell him we'll use his
  • Keep tabs on wedding registries post-shower
  • Call Shane Co. and figure out how long they need to solder my rings together.. waffle one last time on whether I want to do it, ultimately get them soldered, and then weep while my ring is MIA for some period of time

  • "organize" M's gift... TEE-HEE
  • Finish gluing together silk flowers and weighting them so they stay sunk in the vases
  • Finish "anniversary books" for the tables
  • Make a few more wine cork holders for table #s
  • Figure out if I'm doing 1 menu per table, or per place- if 1 per table, how they'll stand up
  • Make some kind of burlap bow for mom's wheelchair-- we trickin' her out, yo
  • Make pocket squares (once the ties are ordered so I can match fabric)
  • Print invitations and RSVP cards (add #s to RSVP cards for people who fail to fill in name)
  • Print menus
  • Design and print programs
  • Design and print some table signage for kids stuff/wedding photo collection
  • Design and print rehearsal dinner invites
  • Print remaining Instagram wedding photos and tape to string- also figure out how to display ones that won't fit in frame (will explain better later.. :))
  • Hotel gift bags.... I'll be honest, I'm REALLY apathetic about this. People don't need a Dasani with our faces on it. This is probably not even going to happen.
  • Wrap bridesmaids gifts

  • Bachelorette party- September 14th.... get a dress?
  • Bridal shower, ladies only, September 8th ....wear something I own
  • Email aunt and uncle about couples shower ASAP- shoot for mid to late August.. probably wear something I own..
  • Put tip stuff in labeled envelopes - P.s. Who the hell do I tip? (I know for sure priest, [bus driver would be included in fee]... do I have to tip the DJ and Photographer? Anybody else I'm forgetting? What's custom? 10%? 20% like restaurants? Better question- isn't my RIDICULOUS sums of money I'm spending for all these services enough? Why do I have to tip anyone? Why can't people just charge what they need to charge as a livable wage and be done with it?
  • Get cantor a gift card because she's a family friend doing it for free and that's awesome and something I have no problem spending some money on....boom
  • Get marriage license.. minor detail
  • Pick which package (# of meal options we'll be giving people)
  • Send over meal choices
  • Set up tasting
  • Figure out if Father is coming
  • Decide if I want to get a dress....

  • Print readings for best man and MOH
  • Make sure cantor knows the music and is feelin' comfortable

  • Seating chart
    • Figure out if Father is coming and what he wants to eat- actually, scratch that, check to see if I'm sending him an official invite. I may have one addressed already...
  • Add table numbers and meal choices to finished place cards
  • Coordinate who is picking up gifts
  • Coordinate who is tearing down reception space- see aforementioned not so top secret wedding helpers.. ;)

  • If I'm not penniless and crazy.. try to remember to pick up a few new "summery" outfits to wear
  • Buy or borrow some books

anything major I'm leaving off?.....


  1. OMG! The OCD in my LOVES posts like this. HAHAHAHA!

    Tipping - the general rule of thumb we worked with was "tip people who are doing a service but don't own the company". So we didn't tip our florist, but we tipped our DJ. If you google wedding tipping, you'll find a bunch of advice!

  2. I'm seriously getting wedding anxiety all over again just looking through this list! Did you remind M to get you a gift?! Because I totally reminded Tim that he should buy me a gift and then I didn't buy him one. Whoops...

  3. Holy shit. Seeing it all listed out like that is overwhelming and I'm not even engaged. I am a list freak though so perhaps I'll reference this in the future. Also, why are weddings so expensive? Sheesh.

  4. Geez, Kelly. This checklist post is "boring as sin." JK.

    You'll figure it all out! And Carolyn is right about the tipping thing. I tipped our photographer, DJ, and hair/makeup people. There isn't amount that's expected. I think something that makes you feel comfortable along with a thank you note will be appreciated.

    Shane Co took about a week to solder my ring... it wasn't too bad! Also, if you figure out how to grow a money tree, let me know.

    Your wedding is going to be gorgeous and totally worth it, and when you get to your big day all the stress of planning will melt away once you see M.

    You should totally tell your not-so super secret wedding helpers to do whatever you want, because I'm sure they want to help in any way they can. ;)

  5. I am TOTALLY 100% stealing some of your points!!!!!

  6. love love love lists!!!

    Diddo Carolyn on the tipping rule! That's how we tipped!

  7. Top secret wedding helpers?!? Who is these bitches anyway? Definitely write a separate post on each one of them. Three. Separate. Posts.

    Also. Tip your florist. Just kidding. I don't think you even have one.

  8. hahhaa..I was like 'does she realize that she just copied YHL?" and then saw that you totally knew what you were doing there. ;)

    Such a detailed list. Even tho it was 'so boring' (ha!), I totally read through it all. And I agree with Jess, as soon as your special day comes...all the stress and worry will go away and nothing else will matter except that you are happily married to your best friend.

  9. AH! I love wedding checklists! I actually miss mine! As frickin stupid as that sounds! Diddo Carolyn on the tipping! :)

  10. IMO, YES, tip the DJ and the photographer. I'm obsessed with my photographer so in addition to the tip, she's getting gifts!

  11. Holy wedding lists. This makes me semi miss mine, but at the same time not really lol. It will all be worth it and most of those items will be easily taken care of! I agree with the tipping everyone has mentioned...and honestly there will people I ended up tipping more at the end of the night because they did such a fantastic job! What about hair/make-up trials, even if they are super informal I found it helpful just so I got a general idea of what I'd look like lol. Are you leaving for your honeymoon right after the wedding or do you have a few days in there?

  12. i love lists!!!!!!! this is a WONDERFUL list post!! :)

  13. I love you, but this post gave me severe anxiety and re-affirms the fact that I want to get married with 2 to 6 people in attendance and have dinner and not decorate. And somehow get a KitchenAid mixer out of it.

    Also, let's touch base about partys. Why did I think your bach was 8-24? And did you get a date for shower? I suck at being a personal attendant.