Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wedding DIY: Burlap signs

It's time for another wedding DIY! 

You all remember the glorious roll of burlap that I purchased? Well, my favorite part is she is going to serve multiple purposes. 

Ever since seeing this on Pinterest:

I knew I HAD to recreate it. 

So, first I cut down the burlap into squares. They're about 8 x 5 or so. 
Then I spaced out the squares, making sure to leave a space between the "Thank" and the "you"

I did this project BEFORE lining the table runners, so I actually did it backwards. Instead of pressing the ribbon onto the burlap, I laid glue on the ribbon, and pressed the burlap onto the ribbon. 

I only used 3 dots too, instead of a full strip. Mostly because I was still getting used to my glue gun.
Once again, TJ provided quality control:

Here was the sign (and my work station) without the letters. 

Sunday, my friend Sammi invited me over for a "Pinterest Craft Fest" which was the perfect time to finish the signs and paint the letters. I thought about buying stencils or making them, but I decided to free-hand it. I figured this project wouldn't be as cost effective if I bought more things to make it. We had the cream paint from the trunk project M and I did. 

Here's the finished product!

Annnndddd because it was so adorable I of course had to make another that will drape at the head table in front of M and my's seats:

I'm already thinking up other signs I can make. Perhaps one for "cards" or "sweets" or something. Of course, I don't want to overdo it. :P 

You like??! :-) 



  1. They turned out great! I have a friend who this would work perfect for- I'll pass it along.

  2. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love love love that you added the Mr & Mrs one! That will seriously be adorable! :)

  3. They look amazing! Forget stencils, your freehand is bomb.

  4. OMG, so flippin' cute! Look at you craft master!