Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bridesmaid Dresses: a redo

Welp, I feel like I jinxed myself a bit with the "zomg look at me! Target bridesmaid dresses!" yippee skippy blog post.
Two of the girls had ordered dresses when another bridesmaid pointed out that they didn't have stellar reviews.
Oh yea... maybe I should have looked at those. Der.
Tis the trouble with Target .. I've found it's hit or miss in terms of quality. This is true of myself when I try on Target dresses, so I'm not sure why I thought it'd be different or easier for 6 very differently sized women.
Anyway, long story short, after one poor review and one "it'll work" review..rather then have the 4 others try dresses and hope that they worked, or that the "poor review" could be saved by a different style, I've scrapped the Target idea. I loved the idea, but I'm not going to force it. The cycle of buying a dress online, returning it in store, buying a new one online until we found a style and size that worked for everyone would've given ME a headache as a bridesmaid so I'm not doing that to the girls.
We've moved on to David's Bridal. People in the wedding world are quite opinionated when it comes to DB. Ideally, I'd love to have been an "alternative" bride and gone with a cutesy small boutique.. but cutesy small means $$$$$$ oftentimes, and I'm far far too anxious about having my girls spend a lot of money on these dresses. DB is easy, affordable, and they're located across the country-- as are my girls. I think they've also gotten a lot trendier when it comes to styles. Here are a few of my fav's:

 I love #3. Hands down, my favorite. It's so classy and modern. Which, conveniently-- is the "vibe" I'm going for with the wedding! haha

SO, there's the update on the dress sitch. I'm excited to see which ones the girls pick, and one of M's sisters has already indicated she wants me to come with, which I'm looking forward to! I gave them all the option of just going alone (I actually prefer shopping alone), or inviting me along.

I have a mini apple pie recipe I'll be sharing soon, so stay tuned for that! 



  1. That sucks about the Target dresses! I was so pumped about that idea! These dresses are all super cute too! :)

  2. people are very opinionated about DB but I went there for a rehearsal dress and had the best experience. Those dresses are cute-and DB always has sales!

  3. Boo...too bad about the Target dresses. I was so excited you found such a sweet (and cheap) deal. No worries about what others think about DB...I think it's mighty nice of you to consider the amount of money your maids will be spending. They will appreciate this. Loooovvee all the options.

  4. LOVE the styles you have picked out! Before you commit to DB you should check out Mary Kay's Bridal in St. Louis Park. I used to work there and LOVE the girls who work there! They have a great BM dress selection and the prices are pretty much the same as DB. :)

  5. These are adorable! I think DB gets a bad rap in the industry but I've actually been really impressed with them for other weddings I've been in. It's great that they're around the country, are affordable, have some really cute (and lots of color) options, and offer a variety of sizes (the hardest part when we shopped for my bridesmaids' dresses was that the place we went only had a select number of dresses in bigger sizes, so we ended up having to choose based on how they fit only certain people). I'm sure you'll be happy with them!

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